Sunday, February 28, 2010


A number of commenters on my blog also post interesting and pithy comments on Shannon's blog. Thus I am posting my ideas here. . . ..and also in response to one of my friends who sent me this earlier today:

He said: "
I must say that i am disappointed in the Mardi Gras parade as it has now become a celebration rather than a protest march, there is still along way to go before we can celebrate properly (my opinion). "

So this is my reply to him. . . ..and others. ;-) My ideas are not chiseled in granite. I would greatly appreciate reading your thoughts here. . . I am still "in process"..LOL

Btw, where is GARY KELLY ? hmmmm

I do have some sober thoughts in the aftermath of the horrendous quake in Chile and the fear of the tsunami aftereffects thru-out the Pacific rim. Simplisitic, but I am so glad it didn't come roaring into Sydney Harbour and all the revelers. What the friggin Fundies could have done with that scenario. . . .the vindication by their angry gods of all the vice and corruption going on.

I have this sober thought to present. . . . perhaps one can see it this way: the celebration IS the Protest! Let me suggest what for me is a very arbitrary date, but could this all have happened 40 years ago? Hardly.. . not at all. The diversity and acceptance by thousands of people - gay and straight - is totally mind-blowing. Think of it thusly:: GLBT MARDI GRAS has become mainstream in Australia! It is one of the events in the yearly civic calendar. . . media coverage, 'celebrities' in attendance, the obvious open cooperation of the Sydney authorities: "you've come a long way, baby!"

It is very much like us at home on the Cape. . in Provincetown. . .though definitely not on the scale of Sydney. . .except we are year-round. . .LOL

Seems to me this many-days-long Celebration is a very positive affirming posture than what I could call the angry face of the on-edge Protest march. . .STUCK in all the negativities which cannot but cause anger-which-often-breeds- angry behaviour -- aka violence --among gays and lesbians and our allies alike.

I think
Celebration of who we are - - -"face it, honeys, we're queer, we're here, so come on and have fun with us!" ----is a more effecive protest. Isn't that a real in your face stance?!!! Because we party and have fun doesn't mean we forget where we GLBT people came from and came thru.

I was 10 years old when Matthew Shepherd was murdered and left to hang on a fence. . . . I do not remember the details of the TV program[s] but I remember what I saw and what I felt. As I've said before I couldn't then say I was "gay" but I did know I was "different". I felt for and with the gay people there and in Washington, DC, and elsewhere. I saw Ellen de Generis for the first time. . ..and she was 'one of them' and I remember feeling 'one of us'. . .

I was watching one of the programs about all this tragedy unfolding with tears in my eyes: it was all so horrible. Dad came over and sat next to me on the couch with his arm around me, wiped the tears off my cheeks, and talked with me about what we were watching. I haven't forgotten that. Looking back I think my Dad and Mom knew then I was gay. . and it was OK. "No Christian boot-camps for Justin!" haha My parents are cool and savvy. That's why it was easy for me at age 15 to tell them "I am gay. . ." knowing I am loved and accepted and supported. . .their gay son.

Anyway, just my thoughts this morning. What do you think? ;-)

huggies. . .



Gary Kelly said...

I think you've made a valid point, Mr O'Shea - the celebration is the protest. That's the Irish side of you coming to the fore... the side that makes sense.

I'm not sure there needs to be a protest these days... but a strong presence is important (if not vital). "In your face" as you put it. Sooner or later, a strong and open presence wears down the opposition. Yeah? If you can't beat em, join em.

I'm not too crazy about the pride thing either. I think it's unnecessary and an over-reaction. Good ole plain everyday acceptance is all that's needed.

Over and out.

J said...

I confess I would prefer a true parade, like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or maybe the DoDa parade that annually spoofs the Rose Bowl parade, where even the satirical messages have a military precision in their presentation. The lifesavers have it, and it beats a bunch of crazies milling around with their personal freak flags flying.
Having said that, your account of the effect the Shepard(correct spelling) murder had on your young self is a moving grace note for that tragedy. One of the worst things about the militant homophobes of the world is that their conduct is so outrageous it tempts decent people to take the law into their own hands. Every time I see a photo of the Westboro Baptist crowd I long to grap the nearest baseball bat.

Stew said...

I couldn't agree more.

The parade and celebration are vital to the progress that we have and will make.

Although it started and still is based on GLBT pride, the parade in Toronto is labaled as a celebration of diversity. All are welcome because we all are human and deserve to not be beat and battered for something that we have no control over. It's difficult to find a dry eye in the crowd when the PFLAG groups go by. And if it's wrong to dance and have fun every once in a while, then I'm checking out of this world.
Honestly, those that don't approve of the celebration I would not want to consider my friend.

Coop said...

I approve of the Mardi Gras celebration... and the GLBT Pride parades. They are a celebration of identity.

"face it, honeys, we're queer, we're here, so come on and have fun with us!"

I'd like to be in the crowd, someday, at an event like that.

JustinO'Shea said...

Ehyah, COOPS, wouldn't it be fun! We could "grab ass" together and raise hell. . .

Snob, I may be, prude sometimes I am, ho ho ho, but I too appove of the GLBT celebratory parades. . the WHAT of it, anyway. . .that we do it.
However, I am not so sure of the HOW of it. . I guess that is a question of taste. . .or. . .the lack of it.

QUESTION: is the essence of being GAY public SEX and NUDITY? I'd hate to think that the epitome of my sexual identity is expressed by a stuffed package, in your face ersartz blowjobs, and rubbing my package on some hunky guy's ass. .on a float paraded along Commercial Street in Provincetown!

Hehehe I'd prefer the privacy of the dunes at Herring Cove, but not the DickDock under the Coastguard pier. . . better still, the privacy of my own room. . . but then, that is me. . .God forbid, I should foist my archaic ethics on anyone else! hahahaaa

ciao, ciao. . .

Coop said...

Ehyah. My identity is NOT wrapped up in stuffed packages, etc. etc. etc. all on a float in a Parade.

I say it in jest... but it's also true. I wouldn't want to wear glitter and cardboard wings. Why? Cause that wouldn't be COOP.

It would be fun Justin. Us two, in the crowd, raising hell, ahyuh!

Anonymous said...

The celebration is fine but I feel it gives the wrong impression when the GLBT groups dress up or down when it is not normally how they would dress, in the privacy of their own home maybe, Yes Justin I too would love to be in the parade and We could "grab ass" together and raise hell. . . lol but unfortunately not in my lifetime.

All opinions are respected. Cheers all.

Be safe

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho ! Think how boring the parade would be if we all dressed as we normally do! Oh my my my. . .plat!!! LOL

If you look around, it would then show what might be 'high fashion' and trendy. . ..and all the same.

Whooaa. . .come to think of it, the LifeSavers all dressed alike, except the gals had an additional topper. . .but. . hehe. . VIVE LA VARIETE' . ..vive la difference!
hehehe. . .
The costume certainly didn't get in the way of the routine. .hahaha

In Montreal Pride is called and celebrates Diversity.

What I DO find offensive and without good taste is mocking various religions or religious personages. What do we gain by ridiculing and tearing down others!? Does it somehow make us more tolerated and accepted when we show blatant intolerance and ridicule what many call sacred. .

One example which comes readily to mind is San Francisco's "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence". They are not funny. They are disgusting and cruel.

The majority of gay and straight people do not condone tasteless stupidity and outright violence in presentation.

Well, Len, you said all opinions are welcomed. ;-)

justin o'shea
gay american catholic

Coop said...

There were girls marching with the lifesavers?? I must've missed that . . .

JustinO'Shea said...

YES COOPS. . . .girls, as in females, women. . . .raise your eyes up a bit. . . hahahahaaa

Coop said...

I noticed the pecs and nipples and bellybuttons on the MEN! Sooooooo my eyes were at that level :)