Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gay Marriage. . . ..Constitutional Amendments

Hello. . . .When you browse this article listen to the FEAR factor in all of this. . . it pervades and underlies their 'rationale', for lack of a better word. ;-)



Stew said...

In my opinion, if they want to sepperate marriage from civil unions, then they should not only get married in a church but also have to have a cerimony in a civil venue. True seperation of church and state should be just that. Furthermore, divorce should not be allowed, unless approved by the state. Make people work it out. Then perhaps they will put a little more thought into marriage in the first place.

I hope that future generations can have all this behind them. But, I simply don't care if anyone recognizes my marriage. All that matters to me is that my husband and I do. And as I remind him frequently, he's stuck with me. So I guess it's good that he likes me.

It's difficult to put my true response in a quick comment. Sorry if this doesn't make much sence.

Gary Kelly said...

Same old, same old... just because something is sensible and logical doesn't make it universally desirable.

Was it sensible and logical to remove discrimination against people of color, race and creed? Yes it was. But how long did it take?

I guess some people believe the world ought to be flat even though it isn't.

Coop said...

I'm repeating myself from earlier posts but I'll comment anyway.

""Progressives always scream about “separation of church and state.” Why not allow those of us with religious beliefs to keep marriage on our side of that separation and allow gays to have civil unions on their side of it?""

All the more reason why ALL unions should be civil. Churches can bless unions for certain couples.

JustinO'Shea said...

COOPs. . .heyas!
As you know well in many countries all weddings are civil. If the couple want a church wedding it is held sometime after the civil ceremony.

A couple years back a cousin married in Belgium. . Bouvier clan. .we O'Sheas all went. Friday afternoon a nice service was performed by Madame La Mayor at City Hall. . .quite nice.

The next day the Catholic Church wedding was held in their parish church. Tres elegante.

It could be the same here. In the RC the couple themselves are the ministers of this Sacrament. . the priest is the official witness for the Church. They marry each other. The priest doesn't "marry" them.