Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gary Kelly's HELLO WORLD !

Yes, pithy and informative, that's me. But now I'm a star of Youtube, and if you miss it you'll have denied yourself one of the great moments in internet history.

Adelaide Greg watched it and is now inundating my mail box with fan letters.


JustinO'Shea said...

AEoooooooooouuu whait a wai to begin a dai. . !

Gary Kelly in living cowlour.

. . .and I am no Meryl Streep..whawt a garjus women!

Bravo !

Gary Kelly said...

A mate of mine from Florida told me a funny thing about how to speak English like the Queen. It's very simple. Just practice air, hair lair (but it doesn't work if you pronounce the 'r').

As to your attempt at the Aussie accent, Justino... well, the less said the better.

And it's good to see FL Josh here. My fans follow me around everywhere ya know.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hahahaaaa. . . ..well, I try...tried.

Besides I couldn't imitate the twisted mouth and other facial gyrations. . .
When I visit Australia I guess I shall have a difficult time understanding mates. . .hope I don't misinterpret their comments, etc . .that might prove embarrassing. . .or "the beginning of something new. . "

Well, I shall have to keep an open mind. . . . ? ;-))


Stew said...

I started traveling the world with Australia. I figured since english is spoken there, I couldn't get too lost in translation.
I was in the country for about a week, when suddenly it hit me what someone said to me the first day I was there. Until that point, it might well have been latin.
Now, I can speek and understand Aussi quite well. And I can confirm that it is not english as we know it in the states.

Gary is quite right with the pronouciation of vowels. But there are many words used that no one in the states has ever heard as well.

That's a good attempt by Justin with the spelling. I'd love to hear you in a talky though.

J said...

Doesn't Gary's voice remind you of David Attenborough's?

Coop said...

That was a good reason for making a video, Gary.

I won't even attempt to write "G'Day" much less say it-- yet. The Boston language replaces the letter "R" with "aaaaaahhh". And, sometimes, English words just NEED to be changed.
The town that all you English speakers call Glou-ces-ter is actually GLOSTA.

JustinO'Shea said...




J said...

Sir David Attenborough was actor Richard Attenborough's brother. A naturalist, he narrated an acclaimed BBC television series that surveyed all life on earth. It was rebroadcast on NPR. I saw a lot of it, and it was terrific.

Gary Kelly said...

David Attenborough? Sheesh. Bit flash for me, J. I can't keep a straight face for longer than a minute.

I watched an interview recently with Attenborough. At the time, he was about to set off to the Arctic for another documentary series. He's over 80 and still going strong.