Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A QUESTION. . . . .

Watching the TV reporting of the horror-show of Haiti, especially the faces of people around my age. . . .and the little kids . . .has made me think seriously about a number of things in my own life . .obvious things like how good I have it. . . how fortunate I am. . .gratitude for all that I have been given . . . and on and on.

Given the obvious differences, deep down those guys and gals who died and those who survived are not all that different from me. . . .or you. . .we have the same or very similar needs, hopes, desires, drustrations, heartaches. . . .

Here is Something to think about and then, hopefully, share with the rest of us. . . . .

What is ONE thing you really want to do before you die ?

I'd really like to know how you guys - and gals in this group -
would respond to this question. . . .Please consider sharing. . and, if you would, please give your age? I'd like to use this in my intro-psych class.




Jack Greenman said...

It is a troubling question, because there is so much I want to do... get my health back, get an honest job, not die alone...

Those all seem SO important. But the ONE thing I want to do more than anything else before I die?

I want to ride from my home here in Worcester to the Pacific Ocean and back via motorcycle. My father set the same goal, wanted to ride cross country and set 60 as the age where he'd do it by without fail. He died at 59 - when we were planning the trip together. I rode one way to Phoenix and the route I took was the same miles that would have taken me to the coast. I have even seen California by motorcycle (from Phoenix) but never the Pacific by Motorcycle.

I hope... I dream.. I probably will someday - even if the trip kills me. But I now have 3 syndromes and PTSD on my chart. My life complicates things, and as I type this the idea of going upstairs seems more of an adventure than my body can handle.

So for the foreseeable future this is just the end all of dreams.

I am 25, for a few more days at least.

Gary Kelly said...

The one thing I really wanna do before I die is leave behind something of value to others. 65.

Gary Kelly said...

Jack's dream is a wonderful dream. Reading his comment makes me believe that having a dream is probably more important than actually realizing it. Ya know? I mean, what the hell is life all about if not for dreams?

Go get 'em Jack.

JustinO'Shea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY.!, Jack. . in a few days.
I sincerely hope you hang onto your dream. that you think about it, that you plan it. . so that when you are ready you won't have to waste time thinking and planning. . .you can just HIT THE ROAD, Baby!


Jack Greenman said...

Gary you have man, you have. I have 2 books in my book case with your name on them, both that mean more to me than I could ever describe - and there are others who have them too. You're immortal now, and so is Cody and Steve.

As to having Dreams, it's how I get through the day. If I wasn't a dreamer I'd have killed myself a Long time ago, because I've my pain level hasn't been below a solid 5 in over a year, and has been at least a 3 since I was about 13 - even that dull ache wears you down. I can't work, and often can't move. But I can DREAM.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes Justin! just 3 more days and I'm an old man =p And ya, I'm planning it, there are a few versions, there's camping at KOA's, staying in Motels, or riding state highways all the way across at a gentle 50-60mph. I have a friend who's dead set on coming with me... a friend I have waited 4 years to see without a shirt on =p

Anyways, pardon the long reply, but felt like replying to your well wishes and Gary's thoughts.


Stew said...

I was fortunate at the young age of 18, to acheive my goal of driving cross country. From NY to LA. Only took 4 weeks. I get distracted.
After that, my dream was to travel Australia. In 1998, I woke up and asked myself what I was waiting for. I took a month off work and just did it. I've been very lucky that way. Achieving both of those at young ages left me wondering "what now?"
I even became very depressed and could not focus on what to do with my life in general.
Through finding my wonderful husband, I now work in the funeral buisness. It really gives you an appreciation for life. Everyday I hear other peoples life stories and hear how they achieved their dreams. It's all brought me to a place where I am happy to bring a little relief and sunshine into anyone and everyones life.
I know that I have been very fortunate and that many people can not do what I have done. But, there is no reason that you can't be perfectly happy with all of your friends and family(the ones that you like) around you. The best times in life are shared by others.
So, in short, my dream is to help those around me realize that their life is not all that bad. That happiness can be theirs for the asking. In the words of Cheryl Crow, "It's not having what you want, but wanting what you have".
I love the feeling when people smile when you walk into the room. I want that to continue forever.

As for age, nobody ever believes me. Yes, I really am 43.

Happy birthday Jack, I hope you get everything you want.

JustinO'Shea said...

STEW,is that you with the backpack and you collie going ahead of you on the path? It's a peaceful photo.

Made me think of my dog Chazz, same color, but a Chow. . .a great pup. He was 13 when he got sick and just died. I still miss him.

Thanks for your Dream Story: it is peaceful and I felt happy reading it. Yeah, the nice feeling you get when people smile when you enter the room. Makes ya feel good. .nice to have people glad to see you.
There is a lot of wisdom, seems to me and from what I hear, in liking and wanting what you have.

ciao.. . .

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . .you have published?! WoW. Anything online? I am glad Jack mentioned what your "2 books" meant to him.

Gary Kelly said...

Yep, I've published. You can download the free version (not the final edit) of Green Room and Green Room II at www.kellytrader.com

The site will close next month, so be quick.

After you've saved your pennies, you can buy the printed editions at Lulu.

Stew said...

yeah, that's me and my little buddy. He's an 8year old part Chow part Pekanese all attitude mix.

JustinO'Shea said...

WoW! I KNEW he looked like Chazz! Good sized dog. . .interesting mix but still all-Asian. Does his tail curl up on his back haunches? Black tongue?
Chazz was a gorgeous golden blond, and had 4 black sisters! Love at first site. . .;-)

Chows, I am told, are a one-man dog. .at least Chazz waz. He came into my life when he was 8 weeks old and I was 7yo. . .my Christmas present! We grew up together. Chazz was cool with all the family. . he loved attention, but there was no doubt but that I was HIS guy. . .lol

It has been 1.5 year since he left and I still get teary-eyed. Yeah when I love I love deep. ;-)

Stew said...

The pekanese in him gives him a red tounge. But otherwise he is very chow, just a little smaller. And you are so right, he's all mine. He puts up with my husband and the others that have lived with us over the years. We would lay down our lives for eachother. There's no love that could ever compare. He was 5 weeks old when he adopted me. There was never any doubt who was his daddy. Curley tail and all. If Chazz was anything like Pugz, you were truley a lucky boi.