Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well the season's celebrations and all that jazzzzz are over and stored away in memory. . . in some cases for selective memory. Chez O'Shea it was a busy active week!

All the immediate family were home. . Mom and Dad, Gramm Bouvier, my brother and sister, and their spouses with two children each. . .and Justin.
The dirty dozen! LOL As large as our home is, 12 people FILL it. . . .and kids need lots of room, expecially when "the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful. . . let it snow, let it snow. . . " By Wednesday all the family guests had headed home, even Mme Bouvier off to her other daughter for New Year's. The house was quiet. . . .except for the flurry in the kitchen.

MOTH-er was in high gear getting ready for the annual O'Shea extravaganza: Mom and Dad have all their friends in for the evening. . . drinks, a fancy dinner with everything, then later coffee and desert. . .then more beverages. . . .with Justin serving and filling, refilling. . . .Most stay to see midnight and the New Year in. . .with hugs and kisses all around. . . and more champagne. Last year's Lady Cougar behaved herself and didn't attempt last year's feeling-me-up trick. As I say, "Quelle bitch"!

Then to bed and recuperating. . .. LOL NewYear's day was quiet. . .then in later afternoon I went to Peter's home for the big Family DaSilva dinner. They are a large, lively, fun and funny extended Portugese family. . . .which mean everyone DaSilva and theirs is there. Lots of hugging and kissing when people arrive. . .and they all string out their entries. . . .like on cue. . . so the greetings, Happy New Year's hugging, kissing, handshakings go on and on. . . .with beverages, of course. Then the many courses meal. . various kinds of sea food. . .and meat too, plus all the trimmings.

I just happened to sit next to the patriarch of the family. . .Peter's grandfather. Dominic was born a fisherman, in the Azores, islands off the coast of Portugal.. . One day he and his wife headed out and ended up at Cap Cod and set up home and fishing rights. . .well the history is endless and the stories. .! Dom is in his 80s, robust and healthy, and doesn't miss a trick, in his quiet observing manner. He has a full head of hair, mostly silver but still some dark left. . .curly and shiny. His face is dark. . .from the Portugese coloring, made deeper by years of outdoor work, , sailing, fishing, hauling, etc.

Grandfather Dom was part of all the goings on, eats well, drinks well, but doesn't get sloshy at all. He talked with me too quietly: we had our conversation going on also. At one point he leaned closer and said more quietly. .
"Remember, Justino, what matter is not who you love, what matter is that you do love. The loving is vital."

I write all of this to share his NewYear's message to me: "Remember, Justino, what matters is not who you love; what matters is that you love. The loving is vital."

Starting on Friday the Nor'Easter came up the coast and stalled. . .then picked up moisture and headed west over New England. We've had snow everyday, plus winds. Last night, we are told, the winds were about 35 -40 mph. . .gusting to 60 mph. Situated on the bluff/dunes on the Atlantic side of the Cape the high winds hit the house with force, huffed an' puffed but didn't blow us down.

I've had good time with Peter and now that the festivities are over,and we get shovelled out, we will have more time to be together and just hang out.

So, that is all the news from O'Shea on Cape Cod to you. . ..and "to all the ships at sea." Carry on. . . .as I am confident you will. ;-)



Gary Kelly said...

What a contrast between your Christmas and New Year and mine. But no matter. I'm pleased that you're surrounded by loving family and friends. And I'm especially impressed by what Grandfather Dom had to say. The world needs more people like him.

Justin Dunes said...

GARY, once you said I was spoiled. . and you are so right. . .as you point out "surrounded by loving family and friends. . ." is the beautiful cover phrase for so many good people who have and do share so much with me, from whom I have learned so much, and have given me great opportunities to grow and experience life.

Was it Jesus who said "To whom much is given much is expected."?
Or was it Maud. . aka Bea Arthur? I really don't know.

But I do know and learn more as I grow. .all that I am given is not just for me alone but it is given so that I will better share with and care for those with whom I share my journey. . .as our paths cross and sometimes cris-cross in life.

I sincerely wish somehow your Christmas and New Year might be fuller and happier. . .I can still wish for you a merry heart.


Gary Kelly said...

I think it was Maud.

Stew said...

We here in Michigan are now enjoying that weather that you just experienced. Thank you for sending it. It's great that you share so much with us.

It's great to hear that so much love was shared over your holiday. That's what life is all about.

JustinO'Shea said...

ALWAYS glad to share, Stew!!! Enjoy.

Coop said...

What matters is that we Love... how can it get any better than that.
Where are all the old salts like Dominic? So much common sense, wisdom ...

I'm glad for things to get back to normal. MY extended family is having a late holiday this year in January. Nothing new. Once we did Christmas on the 23rd.

JustinO'Shea said...

Coop. . . you'd like Grampa Dominic. . cool guy. Wisdom carrier.

Just wrote you reg. email.
laterz. . .