Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Morning

Maybe this is a case of sorta "Monday Morning Quarterbacking. . ."

It was a great weekend. . . .aka 'a too few hours'. . .with Peter. We didn't DO anything too special. . . we don't need to. . . .it is so nice just BE-ing together. As I often reply when asked by those who dont understand "just BEing". . . ."Yes, but what do you DO all day?" Says I: "I dont DO nutting.[french accent here] . .I just LIVE!"

So Saturday night "us two queers" didn't go out partyin' and drinkin'. . .we stayed home. . . with an old lady and dined with her by candlelight. . . laughed and told tales, tall and short, and dined elegantly on baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, medallions of pork in a white winesauce. . . .. trust me, the 9% alcohol got simmered away! LOL. . . steamed peas and pearl onions, a side dish of scallops to melt in your mouth. . .'not in your hand'. . .hahahaaa Dessert? Yepper, we made room! A layered chocolate cake with raspberry jam in layers, with a rich dark chocolate truffle frosting. I coulda licked the raspberries and truffle right off the plate! {There is still some left in the 'fridge. . .had a nibble with my coffee for breakfast!}

One last item. . . .Gramm got talking about gay marriage and then straight out "Well four of the six New England states have same-gender marriage. Is that enough room for you two. . .down the road?" The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where we live, is bordered on the North by Vermont and New Hampshire, with Connecticut on our Sourthern border. That is quite a geographic Gay Kingdom. Vermont started the Revolution 10+ years ago with civil unions. . .first state in the Union to do so. . .and the sky didn't implode on us, people didn't become wild and wooly, . . then they moved into full marriage unions. Massachusetts did "the deed" a few years back, then most recently CT and NH. Last time I bothered to notice, life was still going on quite nicely, with relative peace.

Well, I must stop nd hit the road running. . . .laterzz



Stew said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.

We could all use more grandmothers like yours.

Coop said...

So many people have it in their heads that marriage has only been between ONE man and ONE woman... consecrated by the big Guy etcetra etcetera etcetera.
Hence, any idea contrary to that must be suppressed anywhere.

I had the TV on one of the history channels last night. The program was on Europe's dark ages. Y' know what?? Charlemange, the first Holy Roman Emperor crowned by the pope, had a few wives and concubines and mistresses without a peep of discontent. It seemed it took the church a few more centuries to enforce the idea of monogamy.
Rev. Phelps, Pat Robertson -- stick that in your pipe and Smoke it! heeheeheehee

Coop said...

Bingo! I saw this at some book sale and should've grabbed it.
I also forgot the author and title soon after. Finding it in < 5 minutes is a nice surprise.

'Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality: Gay People in Western Europe from the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Fourteenth Century' by John Boswell

This is from a review on the page: "He unearths some interesting facts during the course of the book - for instance the Roman Catholic church happily 'married' gay men before the thirteenth century - somewhat at odds with their take on such matters today!"

Gary Kelly said...

Oh yes, I had a mate with whom I loved to spend time. I'd sit in his room for hours and watch him paint. We hardly said a word. It helped that he was usually shirtless when he painted, of course. But even so... just being together was more than enough.

As to marriage, is it illegal in some states for infertile couples to marry?

JustinO'Shea said...

hahahaaa.. . GARY. . .you know damned well it isn't illegal for infertile non-breeders to marry. . . of course not !. But they are not disordered, just defective! LOL

THANKS for your nice comments about my Gramm. . .she's a real lady!