Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HEARTTHROBS OF THE DECADE. . . . .oh, really?

BEHOLD! Here is a slideshow of somebody's idea of the 10 HOTTEST HOT GUYS of the last ten years. . . I was 10 yo when this group of early hotties first appeared on the scene. Imagine! What a sheltered life I lived: some of these guys I never heard of or remember. However, I still remember my first "heartthrob" from when I was 4 yo. . .yepper. . I can still see Peter at my birthday party: large deep dark black eyes. . . longish dark brown hair. . . . .CUTE!
BTW, what is a heart throb anyway. . ? Someone who makes your heart go thumpa thumpa big time?

Hey, must be too I have a special thing for PETERS. . . hehe. . no pun intended or assumed. . . I think I wrote bout the three Peters in my life in one of my July '09 blog entries.

SO, here is the URL for the slideshow. Any of yours there? ;-)



Coop said...

Zac Efron and Pete Wentz!

Pete W has admitted to kissing guys... tantalizing.
Read the whole interview, it's legitimate thought provocation.


Gary Kelly said...

None of them hold a candle to Christopher Atkins in Blue Lagoon, or Robby Benson in Ice Castles.

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes Gary, Christopher Atkins, that golden peach fuzz ....mmmmm..... I remember...

Funnily enough none of the 10 really do it for me bigtime, although I must admit I'm lured by Chace Crawford's eyes and smile.

Greg in Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

Christopher Atkins was born Feb 21, 1961. . . Blue Lagoon was filmed in 1980 when he was 19yo. Seems the peach fuzzed munchin will be 50 yo next month. . . .to put this in my perspective I was born in 1988. . .hehe Maybe I should see this film?


Coop said...

I found out about Blue Lagoon last year. I had the TV on, wasn't paying attention to it. I looked at the TV and...


I watched about fifteen minutes of it. It was near midnight so I went to bed. I did a little reading about the movie and discovered that I didn't get to see the juicy parts.

Brooke Shields?? WHO??
Yes, Justin. Watch blue lagoon. Don't be deprived.