Tuesday, January 5, 2010

President Obama Names Transgender Appointee to Commerce Department

January 04, 2010 8:52 AM

President Obama recently named Amanda Simpson to be a Senior Technical Advisor to the Commerce Department.

In a statement, Simpson, a member of the National Center for Transgender Equality's board of directors, said that "as one of the first transgender presidential appointees to the federal government, I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others."

While Simpson is clearly one of the first transgender presidential appointees, Democratic officials say they're unsure if she is the very first one.

The White House had no comment on her appointment.

A 2004 YWCA "Woman on the Move," Simpson recently served as Deputy Director in Advanced Technology Development at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona.

At Raytheon, Simpson -- a former test pilot who had worked for the company for more than a generation -- transitioned from male to female and was instrumental in convincing the military contractor to add gender identity and expression to its equal employment opportunity policy.

She later ran unsuccessfully for the Arizona House of Representatives and was a delegate for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

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Gary Kelly said...

So what's the point? All I see is that Obama keeps appointing human beings to various posts. He's very consistent in that respect... no giraffes, no walruses, no elephants. Mind you, some people may see the absence of giraffes, walruses and elephants as discriminatory.

JustinO'Shea said...

Gary. . .it is obvious, right?, that this appointment is important and significant to the lady Mr Obama appointed. . . .and to others also.

Why the ridicule? Really necessary?


Stew said...

I think Gary's point is that it shouldn't matter. It shouldn't even matter that Obama is part black. It shouldn't matter, but it does. At last there is a little diversity in America. Some people really hate that. However, it's about time. Time to look at things a little differently.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, it "shouldn't matter," Gary, BUT it does. We are still too early on in acceptance of diversity to treat any advance as matter of fact when in reality it is "matters of consequence". . .to use St-Exuperay's idiom. ;-)

Still on winter break and it IS WINTER. . .with more polar cold air blasting us out for the weekend. Why it is so cold that even the spray from the waves freezes and tinkles like broken crystal as it falls. . . .

I am up n out early having coffee and Portugese muffins a The Bakery. Nice and warm in here. . .using Peter's laptop .. .as in computer. . hahahahaaa. . .dan=mn, I am such a tart!


Coop said...

I AM alive after the holidays, not just a fat lazy waste of space. I think. I've done more between wake up and now than I have all week... blah blah blah.

I'm waiting for the day when a person's orientation or their specific gender matters LESS than their expertise. I agree with Gary. I wish the GLBT community was accepted enough to be ignored. However, diversity needs to be highlighted out of necessity.

Announcements like this try to demonstrate that GLBT people are normal humans who are well accomplished professionals and members of the community... not mere ladies riding Harleys or gentlemen marching in @-less chaps.

Such announcements are taken as a push for special designation. Why? The headlines refer to said person as G, L, or T before their resume (if the resume mentioned). Coop rolls his eyes and blames the media.

Speaking of fat Coop, is it lunch yet??

Gary Kelly said...

One of the reasons I contribute to your blog, Mr O'Shea, is that I enjoy being the only grumpy old fart on the block.