Saturday, January 23, 2010


Looking out my bedroom window . . .where I happen to be just now. . .though any window would qualify. . .this is the scene on which I can feast my eyes. . .lol. .

Uhuh. . . "pure as the driven snow" as the poet tells it. . . .hahaha Cold, crisp, 'tis the season'. . . .

And this is the street where Mme Bouvier lives. . ..she's my granny. . . .and I live here with her, in the attached and connected apartment.

It's a laid-back morning for me. . . .nothing much to do but wait. . . . For? PETER, of course! haha He is on his way here from Provincetown. He wanted to get out of town and away from the Bakery so he opted to come here, rather than my going home. This is our first weekend together since the end of the Christmas break.

I look forward to his being here. . .our being together.

Mme Bouvier looks forward to Peter's coming. She likes having her boys home. . .so she can cook and fuss and at the same time be unobtrusive. Gram's a discreet lady. She has done her shopping and I hear her downstairs, rattling pots 'n pans, cooking up something delicious. Her French cooking style is simple, direct. . you know what you are eating. . .carefully prepared with just the right spices and white wine. . . food fit for a King, as she says, "for my boys". It not only looks elegant, it tastes superb. . . . .very different from campus food. LOL

By choice we don't do much alcohol. For me it is prudence: "One drink is never enough. . . .and one drink is too many. . . " Gram's 'wine with dinner' is a tasty mix of lemon juice or orange, a dash of bitters, and sparkling water. Does it for me and no side effects which tend to take over and cloud my head. Peter is quite content with all this. He doesn't need alcohol to have fun and enjoy good times or as a pusher into bed. LOL. . .Blunt, aren't I!?

Whooaaa. . .Peter is here. . .I look out the window and Mme Bouvier is already at the door hugging him. . . .I'm next.

Bye everyone. . . ..see ya around "Justin Dunes". . . ..ciao, ciao. . .


Coop said...

What did Mme B think of "Julie and Julia" I'm starting to warm up to the idea of cooking -- something more than George's Foreman's grill, the green giant, and fruit.

Have fun with Peter. There's a memo from me in your inbox whenever you get the chance. No huury.

JustinO'Shea said...

Mme B loved Julia's gusto. . .such energy in cooking. . . and into meeting her hubby for lunch and. . a 'little afternoon delight'. . .daily!

I give up on how to post my photos, dammit. I've done everything. . but I have one more trick to try. . .;))

J said...

Lucky you!

Jack Greenman said...

Sounds like an excellent day shaping up! Enjoy it.

Stew said...

I'm sure the view in those pictures improved when Peter showed up.
Enjoy your weekend and your dinner

Gary Kelly said...

What people like Pat Robertson need is a granny like Mme Bouvier.

If only those people realized how barren their souls are.

BTW, about those horses and carts that delivered ice and bread door to door when I was a kid. When they were replaced by trucks, the driver had to jump in and out the cab each time he moved a few doors up the road. Not so with the horses. Once the driver got a few yards ahead, he whistled the horse, and it ambled up to join him.

But there was an extra bonus. Once the cart was further up the road, out come the housewives with buckets and spades to scoop up the manure for their gardens.

Coop said...

The pics are showing up! :)