Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A PS to WInding Down

As I am thinking about my New Year's Day ritual at Race Point some thoughts about my previous post began to unwind I decided to put them down here. Let me say at the outset I sincerely hope what is said about a sociologist-novelist-daily columnist "he doesn't have an unpublished thought" would never apply to me! LOL

In all cultures down the years there have been the needed phenomena of Sacred Ritual and Psycho-Drama: two distinct yet closely related activities in humans. What relates to the Holy Other: YHWH, G-d, God, the gods, the Universe and the like, also related to the innate human expression of the self in what is the gradual unfolding personhood - the Self - or the psycho drama. Perhaps I could define psycho drama as the unfolding of that unique sequence of events in our personal journey by and thru which we come to fulness of Personhood.

There, that said. Now my little yearly ritual which has evolved for me, in me -- writing down things in the past year with which I have not been happy; things I have done that I do not wish to repeat in this New Year -- wrapping the wet paper around a rock, secrued with seaweed, and then thrown into the ocean -- falls into the realm of rite/ritual and my personal psychic/spiritual growth and awareness.

In dynamic this rite is very similar or in the same genre as what catholics do in Confession of Sin. First this: when I reflect on what I want to change from my conduct in the past year does not in any way or fashion deny or exclude all the good, positive, good things in my life during 2009, as my buddy COOP seems to suggest. I own and acknowledge the totality and connectedness of my life but by my ritual centering on one area of my life. . . what could be designated as 'negative'. . .

Let me say a bit about the Catholic Sacrament of Confession aka Penance. In this ritual, having owned my sins or my deviance into 'bad choices' or sin, I then confess to a minister of the church community against whom I have sinned -- all of my actions DO have communitarian affects . . on others -- and he acting as a minister of God and as a representative of the Community declares that my actions/bad choices/ sins are forgiven in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the prayer 'the act of contrition' I say/it says. . "I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. . ."
I have sinned and I intend to change (amend my life).

Now I do not claim that my yearly ritual is a Sacrament of Confession but when I think about this it certainly is akin to it.. . .it is an owning, a resolve, and a way to amend my life for the future.


Coop said...

Could it be that we never come to a complete fullness of person hood? I'm thinking "life-long process", "thrill is in the journey",
ya ya ya...

I have a tendency to dwell on things too much; Including the teeniest tinyset things. The last thing I feel I need is to be writing 'em down. Cause I'll start thinking and getting myself down again. Part of my journey has been to start relaxing. Let it go.
Mello Yellow.

Just in, 2009 was a GREAT year for Coops. I don't regret a thing.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS, COOP. . .nice comments. . and sharing. Lucky you! No regrets.Well, guess what! hahaha I have a few things I wish had been different, that I had acted better.

I too have liked my year. . mucho me gusta! Several new great peeps in my life too. . .YOU among them!

I need to get a haircut today. . .my mother said she'd braid it for me! NOT that long. Currently SHE is into the real close short cut...for guys. None of that military butchie stuff for me. . Marine bait I am not!

Talk of braids. . .you must have seen AVATAR by now. . .Last weekend I was among those who contributed to its $75 mil box office. WHat a beauty. . .the color, animation, etc. ..and the 3-D glasses.

The messageS were strong, kick ya in the ballz stuff. Wowzzer. This flick really touched me. . . And on the carnal side. . .ho ho ho. . Jake Sully could touch me any time! Damn sexy boy. . the human and the Avatar. . .both.

Did you catch the quick line when Jake was examining the tip of his new tail. . the scientist Grace says to him: "Don't play with it too much. You'll go blind!" Funny!
Didn't happen to me at all. . haha
Fung-goo, I see too much! LOL

An old movie Peter and I watched last night is a 1996 film The ROCK.
Nicholas Cage is one of the names in it. A strong film. . .protest against government lies/war etc led by a military legend who was much honored, decorated, served in every war since Vietnam, etc.

And the Nigerian guy with the explosives in crotch of his briefs! All sorts of Freudian symbols there. . .geeez. I cannot even begin to imagine such a scenario. Poor sad kid. . .deprived in spite of living in privilege!

As long as I stay online mouthing off I can put off getting haircut, washing the car in and out, and a few other things MOTHer has lined up for me. . . like go-fer this, go-fer that. . .;-)

My brother and sister and their spouses and kids have gone home. Gram has moved on to her other daughter for New Year's. The house is quiet. . .till the annual O'Shea 'extravaganza' New Year's Eve party.. . late dinner, drinks,etc and much much chatter.
I help out as the bar-boy. . hahahaserving drinks to our guests. . family, friends, Mom and Dad's colleagues from their work.

Last year serving drinks one of the Cougars hit on me, grabbing/feeling my ass. Quelle bitch!

Final comment: I concur with you, COOP. . .fullness of person is a life-long process, one which I believe is only fully achieved in the next life. . . .

cha cha cha

Coop said...

Awww Justin :) I'm blushing. You're a great new Peep in my life too.

Ugh! Did you gently tell/remind this Cougar that you're playing for the "Other team". I hate that term. it brings up images of the New York Yuh Yuh. New York Yan.. New York YUH. Oh forget it. The baseball team. Pinstripes.

Gary Kelly said...

You know a bloke's been around for about 5 minutes when he refers to a movie made in 1996 as OLD. :-P

Anyway, all this business about beginnings and endings being more relevant on a particular day rather than the other 364 is a load of old codswallop. For me, life is just one long piece of string.

If the same emphasis placed on New Year's Eve were to be placed on each and every day, we'd all live fuller and more prosperous lives. Why wait for December 31st?

Have a nice day, Justin. Hehe.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks. I fully intend to.

One's needs differ from those of others. No one needs to agree or support mine; I handle my own stuff quite well.


J said...

Somehow I can't imagine your having much for which to seek forgiveness.

Stew said...

fullness of person.... The only time you don't have more to learn is when you are done (dead).

I like the idea of writing down all the things that you would like to change. My friends and I used to have bonfires and do something similar. One year we went out on Lake St.Clair amongst the ice shanties and had a fire on the ice. We all threw our papers on the fire at midnight and turned to shore, to watch the fireworks over a nearby town. I've never felt so at peace. Or maybe it was the schnapps.
This year, I'll be driving a private limousine for friends. Taking them to a Redwings game in Detroit. Quite a contrast for sure.

All the best in 2010 !

JustinO'Shea said...

Gary, a 1996 flick is way more than one half my lifetime! That is fully 13 years ago. .I am 21. I was 8 yo when that film hit "the silver screen", whatever that is! Of course that is OLD ! LOL

I think -- and the civilization seems to agree with me -- having Special Days is a good idea. ..yes, yes, everyday is significant. Most people observe birthdays, anniversaries, days of special significance in the strata of the 'human string'.

So, please, allow me to be among the first to wish you a wonderful 2010. . .filled with all you need to make you healthy, wealthy and WISE!
ciao ciao ~

JustinO'Shea said...

J. . . .your comment just above. . you are way too kind and generous.
That comment, from you, means a LOT to me. Thank you.


Gary Kelly said...

Well, Justin, it's 3 days into the new year and I'm not wise yet. So what's the problem?

For that matter, I'm not wealthy yet either, and I could do with a few extra bucks. You gotta work a bit harder on those wishes of yours.

As to not achieving fullness of person until the next life, what the hell do you expect of three score and ten compared to umpteen trillion years? I mean if you can't get it right after umpteen trillion years, you can't be too bright.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh dear! Guess I didn't wish hard enough to make it over the miles to OZ. I will try again and again and again. . . .open you hands, buster. LOL

I see that today in/around Sydney temps will be 70F high, and low 68F. What a balanced environment!

Here. . cold. . high winds, up to 60 mph at time. . .snow, snow and more snow. The nor'easter stalled out and then went westward across New England.

Good days to hunker down. . . yummmm