Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lingering Days of End-of-Summer

Between and post=hurricanes the weather here at the Outer Cape has been extraordinaily nice and, this year, for me poignant. I hate seeing these days wind down. . . and the thought of leaving Monday and back to school - at the last moment, by the way - does me in. . .

This is what we did on Sunday. . . . hehe. . . .one of the Island Faeries took this photo.
P. in the water; J. on shore. . . .



Gary Kelly said...

A very sensible way to prevent sand getting in your cossies. A lovely shot, actually, very natural. Even Pope Benny would be hard pressed to find anything naughty about that.

And while you're lamenting the end of summer, we're welcoming the coming of spring. Matter of fact, this August was the warmest on record in Oz.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful picture. You have made me jealous babe. It is finally spring here in Australia and I have all this to look forward to.

Cant wait to go skinny dipping with someone special.


J said...

That looks like an H.S. Tuke painting. Its great there are beaches in the states where you can skinny dip that aren't necessarily designated as such, and overloaded with voyeurs. The best, though, are found anywhere along the Outer Banks of NC.

Coop said...

Ah yes. I've heard about that beach in P-town... you'll never catch me on it though. Too embarrassed to take my clothes off...

JustinO'Shea said...

Aaawwww COOP, try it, boy' you'll like it. Mikie taught me that. LOL

Once you get into "less is better" it is hard to keep the clothes on. . they just so get in the way. . LOL

You know, once you can accept YOU and how you look in the mirror, it won't matter what others think or don't think. If they don't like what I am not wearing, they can just look elsewhere.

Are you at all familiar with the broadway musical "Cage au Folles"? Robin Williams did the film "The Bird Cage" --- hey, it's good to look thru the oldies ---- Anyway, there is a song in the show "I am what I am". . about being gay as we are. . .some good healthy attitude in that number.

Look at the time and fun we waste fussing over shapes and sizes. . remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . . .

Btw, this photo is not near Provincetown. Be hard there to find this kind of unpopulated space. This beach is down from our dunes and a bit away from where we live. . .mst of access to these beaches are thru private property. . .not many voyeurs. . except the seagulls. . .hehehe

ciao ~

Gary Kelly said...

It's all very well to say that money is not everything when you have plenty of it. And it's the same with your line about accepting the way we look in the mirror.

JustinO'Shea said...

I see your point but I DO think there are alternative looking in the mirror!

And there are 2 to begin with: a) accept yourself as you are with your givens; OR b) do something about the way one looks.

Of course, there is always a 3rd way: moan, groan, whine and hide. . .throw a pity party and feel sorry for yourself. . then go out in the backyard and eat worms becuz nobody "luvs poor ole me".
Eat comfort food and hate yourself cuz you're getting fatter. . . .

We create our lives. . problem is too many sonsabitches starve to death for lack of creating a life.

Gary Kelly said...

Now what was that little song and dance all about? Pity party? Who said anything about pity?

I don't pity myself, not at all. It's just that I choose not to put wilted flowers in my vases hehe.

Maturity has its compensations ya know... or at least it should. As Oscar said, "Youth is wasted on the young". I wouldn't go back there at any price. Been there, done that. Next!

On the other hand, if young blokes like you wanna prance about in your birthday suits, that's fine with me. Just don't ask me to do the same.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey Gary:
My comments were generic. .they were not addressed to you. . These remarks are in response to your comments on previous post of mine.

All of which can be summed up in the words of the Aussie Guru Shannanacinanda . .lol where he states so often and illustrates so well....WE create our own lives, ambiance, environment or mental health state! The word is a-t-t-i- t-u-d-e'

A gay guy unhappy with how he looks, etc does have some choices.
That was the subject ogf my generic post. ;-) Invite: check it out now. . . lol

One of the encouraged skills to practice in our psych-therapy training is to listen [read] carefully to what guys say/write.
Most often our words reveal much since they come from where we live.

For example. . << If you looked like I do and lived as I do, let's see how cheerful you'd be. . >> He is telling us mucho. . and those words could come from some deep frustration and smoldering anger. This man hurts. . . .a lot.

S'all I am peddling. . . .lol

ciao, bambino. .


Gary Kelly said...

Stop yelling.

J said...

One thing I can attest to, Gary, is that you have never been one to entertain self-pity. You also wouldn't pay much attention to any blog that wasn't backed up by a host devoid of the greatest aphrodisiac: brainpower. And that will last as long as you're sentient enough to care about such things.
In Stanza IX of Shelly's "Adonais", his elergy on the death of John Keats, he paid homage to the "Ministers of thought, who were his flocks," that "Wander no more,from kindling brain to brain." When my best friend was killed in a car wreck, as was yours, I consoled myself with those lines, because the brightest of his gifts were lightning intelligence, a scrabrous, hysterical wit, and the finest spoken command of the english language I've ever encountered. In that glory what he looked like was immaterial, and nothing was more devastating than not to have him around into old age.
We can love a beautiful body, a ravishing painting or sculpture, a subtle turn of design in architecture or furniture, or a spring day, because of what's in our heads, and that lasts as long as life counts.
About a month ago I saw something on the Net that illustrated the ephemeralism of human beauty: The biggest star in gay porn, "Brent Corrigan", was attending one of those shabby gay porn festivals, and was filmed making a guest appearance as a go-go boy in a local bar. He's moved into his late '20's now, but still looks good dancing around. When the music stopped, all you heard was the cocktail party background murmurs. There was no applause. After a slightly forlorn three second interval when he looked wistfully around room, he turned, bent down to collect the few dollars on the floor that had escaped his waistband, and walked off the stage alone. The only beauty in that scene was its truth.
So god knows we love looking at these pretty bodies, remembering Joseph Conrad's observation that youth is "the romance of illusions."

Coop said...

Uh-oh... I didn't mean to touch of a discussion on body image/ self image.

Gary Kelly said...

Whoa! Hang on a tick while I grab the dictionary.


That's a pretty awesome piece you wrote there, J. And you're quite right. If Justin didn't have something interesting between his ears, I wouldn't be here. Mind you... no... I won't say that. I'll quit while I'm ahead. Hehe