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How Vermonters Celebrate New Gay Marriage Law

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hubby Hubby

I friend of my posted a link to this article on facebook and I thought that it was worth a repost here. Hope you don't mind Carl :-) Now Chubby Hubby is not one of my favorite flavors from Ben & Jerry's, I'm more of a Cherry Garcia or Magic Brownies kind of guy. I hope that they release it nation wide I'd love to see it in the freezer section here in Georgia, you can smell the fire and brimstone now. I'm sure that this show of support will only draw the sights of the bible thumpers down on them. We all know how their boycott of Disney hurt that company's bottomline, LOL. Anyway grab a pint of your favorite flavor and enjoy. Ben & Jerry's you guys Rock!
Ice cream company fetes gay marriage

By Jerry Kronenberg | Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ben & Jerry’s is temporarily renaming popular “Chubby Hubby” ice cream “Hubby Hubby” beginning today to celebrate the start of legalized gay marriage in its home state of Vermont.

“The legalization of marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Vermont is certainly a step in the right direction, and something worth celebrating with peace, love - and plenty of ice cream,” Ben & Jerry’s CEO Walt Freese said in announcing the sugary switch.

Ben & Jerry’s, which has long backed liberal causes, plans to rebrand “Chubby Hubby” as “Hubby Hubby” for 30 days to show support for Vermont’s new law.

The move is mostly symbolic, as Burlington-based Ben & Jerry’s isn’t changing labels on “Chubby Hubby” pints sold in stores.

Spokesman Sean Greenwood said revising product labels takes 18 months, although he said Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t ruled out retailing “Hubby Hubby” in the future.

In the meantime, a wedding-themed Ben & Jerry’s truck will hand out free “Hubby Hubby” across Vermont today. Scheduled stops include the Vermont Capitol, where lawmakers passed a gay-marriage law that takes effect today.

Ben & Jerry’s six Vermont ice cream parlors also plan to sell special “Hubby Hubby” sundaes during September.

Gay-marriage backers see Ben & Jerry’s move as sweet sign of support.

“As we continue to fight for equality, it’s heartening to see businesses like Ben & Jerry’s demonstrate their support,” said Scott Gortikov of pro-gay-marriage organization MassEquality. “I look forward to the day when ‘Hubby Hubby’ is available in supermarkets in all 50 states.”

But the name change is giving gay-marriage opponents an ice cream headache. “It’s a bad idea, especially because I think they’re just doing it to rub it in that Vermont has legalized gay marriage,” said Brian Camenker of

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Pilgrim said...

I can´t see the point. In all respect, I an against same gender marriages. I will explain it somtime later on my blog, even at the risk of losing some followers, but Naturgesetz already started his St.Paul series and lost noone. Propz Pilgrim

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, babe, chacun a son gout. .to each his own. In several States here in the USA it is a civil right given and protected by the legal process of our various elected governing officials.

It is a fact of life, like it or not. No one says you HAVE to get married. A large majority of Americans feel . .let them if they want to. "It doesnt take anything away from my marriage."

if you have followed the battle, you've heard all the arguments. . pro and con. . you and I don't need to bother our heads over that issue, do we. . .

hugs. .

J said...

Don't they make the distinction in Europe between civil unions and marriage in an church? If the church doesn't agree, it doesn't have to sanction the union. The license defines the legal status of the couple, and its issuance is all the government can and should do in a pleuralistic society. We get hung up in the States because of the unwillingness of the faithful to follow the First Amendment and keep their religion
and its hangups out of politics.
Everyone should lighten up a bit on this issue. As Bill Maher put it, why shouldn't gays suffer all the marital misery straight people have had to sustain? They might get a different attitude about it if they have to fight through divorce, custody and equitable distribution proceedings. The only basic justification for people to get married is to provide for the nurture of their children. So there's no practical reason to buy your permit unless you plan to adopt a child or use a surogate.
And in these times people of all ages and preferences are better off signing a good prenuptual agreement before they get the license. I'm all for issuing one to any couple who wants it, irrespective of their sex, so long as they are competent and above the age of consent, but it is not something that should be done unadvisedly. And it shouldn't be looked at by the gay community as a rite of passage. In my state there was a custody fight between two briefly married lesbians that went on for years, and you knew instinctively that the kid was being fucked over royally in the process. Marriage is not nirvana.

Coop said...

J said EXACTLY how I feel about gay marriage in this country: "We get hung up in the States because of the unwillingness of the faithful to follow the First Amendment and keep their religion
and its hangups out of politics."

There are financial and other considerations re. marriage, too. For instance, a gay married person can visit his/her spouse in the hospital as a family member and, if the infirm spouse is incapacitated, make necessary
medical decisions.

I don't remember the last time I HAD Ben & Jerry's icecream. It just isn't something I buy

J said...

Coop--You can do the same with a general power of attorney or a "living will".

Stew said...

It's nice to see commercial support for basic human rights.

I, myself am married and very happy. We got married in Toronto and are very happy with our decision. But, that's what works for us.

Pilgrim said...

J, yes, we do. In France it is a civil matter, but not many do it....@Justin, I only know s/thing about prop-8 gone stale twice! Propz Pilgrim

Gary Kelly said...

Hmmm, all comments so far on this page are interesting to say the least.

To supporters of gay marriage I would simply say be careful of what you wish for.

I suspect that gay marriage is not a rose by any other name.

Shannon said...

Every time I talk about Gay marriage I get into trouble so all I will say is that I don't believe in it but I won't stand on the way of someone else if they want to get married. Thats the real issue... everyday morons with an over inflated sense of their own self importance who believe its their right to impose their beliefs on others.

JustinO'Shea said...

I'd like to point out that in those States which recognize same-sex marriage, gay married couples have as right exactly the rights nd privileges which straight couples have always enjoyed.

Those in civil unions do not enjoy the same rights as married people. Married couples - gay and str8 - have 1,000 more rights enshrined in civil law which gays in civil unions do not enjoy. One thousand.

Married gays tell me - and everyone else who will listen - that many of these rights embody financial costs/savings, etc. For example, State income taxes can be filed jointly. = money saver. When the US government recognized same-sex marriages, they will also be able to file federal income taxes.

Civilly unioned couples have said that in medical emergencies, for example, legal papers drawn up for/by the couple do not have the weight of State-recognized marriage. In emergencies medical staff will not bother reading legal documents; the throw you out. They do not even bother to follow DoNotResuscitate orders/wishes, unless it is tatoed on your chest: DNR. In goes the tube and life-support. The gay partner has no say in a crisis.

State recognized marriage gives coupes clout to live their own lives.

As for me. . .well, I am way to young to think about marriage. Not part of my plan. Oh I want [and have] a boy friend. ..and maybe even a commitment quietly to each other. That's it.

I have too much life to live/see, maturity to grow into and work to complete yet. marriage just doesn't fit in.

If others want to marry, more power to them. For me, i tend to go with Brian Kinney from the Showtime series QAF a few years back. . He said: We're GAY. . why do we want to copy Str8 life???

ciao ciao, bambini. . .