Thursday, September 10, 2009


PLEASE check this out. .do what you can.

Watch MoveOn and R.E.M.'s "We Can't Afford to Wait" and then tell your friends

Email this powerful video to your friends and share it on Facebook and Twitter. With the news that some in the White House are considering a “trigger“—a delay tactic designed to kill the public option—it’s more important than ever to get the word out that we simply can’t afford to wait for real reform. Send the video to your friends today.

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J said...

Sorry, Justin, but the public option is dead in the Senate, because no one trusts the Federal government to manage anything successfully. This is a serious problem, but the effort has been so mismanaged we'll be lucky to get national rather than the existing state regulation of health insurance (with national marketing and competition), a phased-in raising of the retirement age, and some sort of tort reform. Obama's claim that his proposals won't cost the taxpayers more is transparently false. If he could wring $500 billion worth of waste from Medicare and Medicaid he'd have done it already, because with a $1.5 million deficit we sure as hell need it.
I knew this effort was going south on us when Obama held that press conference to discuss the healthcare crisis and used it to bitch about the Cambridge police. He didn't have a dog in that fight, but insisted on squandering precious prime time and the credibility he could have used for his most important legislative initiative in alienating every law enforcement agency in the country.
The great legislative master Lyndon Johnson would laugh his ass off at this amateur hour performance (if he wouldn't be telling Obama what a shit for brains he is and literally kicking his butt). Like it or not, we've managed to elect a sophomore to the presidency. McCain would have done a better job, because he would have teamed up with Kennedy before Kennedy got too sick and beat out a decent compromise. (As a matter of fact, Ted Kennedy may have been the last man left in Washington who might have gotten a bill through if he'd been president.) Now I'm afraid everyone will lose, whether they get a wretched bill through the Congress or not.
OK, I've got that off my chest, so I'll go back to your lovely beach pictures. It must have been pure heaven to be able to slide your hand over that sleek, Portugese body.


JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS for this input, J.
WoW! I have soo much to learn. I am so naive. . . I believe people. . . .especially when they can talk a good line. . .

I wonder WHO is running the USA Show. I think I work better one-on-one. .when I can see the face, especially the eyes, when we are talking.

In my education/training in counseling and group techniques I have learned and developed skills in listening and observing. . and I am pretty good at it, if i do say so myself. . .and I do. .LOLOL.

Phone and email are extremely limited vehicles. .emails-- only the typed word. . no tones intonations, eye contact, body language. . I tred very cautiously with emails.

"Email therapy" is an oxymoron. Limited usefulness, subject to way too much projection on the reader's part. . . .and, come to think of it, also on the writer's side also.

Well I am beating the obvious here. hahahaaa

And, yes, Peter is always a delight with an openness and directness. . .let's say he rarely leaves me guessing. ;-)

Like the night we first talked. I was at one of the clubs on the beach .the BoatSlip out on the deck leaning on the railing looking out over the harbor.

He just came over to me, leaned on the railing side of me, and said "I been sitting over there watching you, getting up my to come over here and talk to you. . so can we talk. . .?" {big grin)

Can we? Oh man, yeah . . .and we did. . . .and have been all summer. Often I'd come in to town in the morning and go to the bakery. . then grab pastry and coffee and head across the street to sit on the benches along the sidewalks by the Town Hall. .

And I'm going home Friday after last class so we can be together this weekend. Hey, he is only 4 hours drive away. . .haven't been with Peter since Monday. . .hehe

ciao ~

J said...

Hey, I just noticed that I wrote $1.5 million rather than $1.5 trillion. If only it were the former!
Four hours is a long haul, but well worth it.

JustinO'Shea said...

4 hours. . .long haul. . .???
naaaw. . .I am young. . . .LOL

Gary Kelly said...

As an Aussie, I rely on what I see or read on the news here so I'm not as familiar with US politics as you guys.

But I do know that Oz has a universal health system. When I had a heart attack 7 years ago, I was transported by ambulance, hospitalized locally, and then flown to Sydney for an operation all at no cost to me. I've been on special medication since, which is heavily subsidized by the government... otherwise I could never afford it.

Despite the cost of such a system, Australia managed to survive the global financial crisis without succumbing to a technical recession - the only advanced economy to do so.

So if we can do those things, and continue to prosper, why can't other countries?