Thursday, September 17, 2009

B U N S . . . . but. . .


There. . . did I catch your attention a bit? ;-)

Hola Gents:
Are there topics you would like to talk about, natter about, share ideas about?
Suggestions? Open here. . . ;-)
If you do not wish your comment to appear on the blog but only for me to read, just head it: "do not print please." and it will ner' be seen by anyone else.

My own classes/seminars, group therapy work [supervised, of course. . lol ] are
going quite well. Full days and some evenings. . .but still ample time to LIVE!
The freshman intro pysch class I am teaching - as part of my TA job [i.e., teaching assistant] is going briliantly, if I my say so. . .and I do. . .LOL. The students are bright and interested. They are very vocal and participative especially on the days when my prof-mentor doesn't attend. Lots of curious questioners. . .willing to be involved in stuff.

One of my students from last year who labored under a wicked crush on me is not in my class again. . .phew!!! HE WAS SO HAAAWWWT. . .and aggressive. .LOL.
He stopped by the other day and said he wanted to transfer back to my class. . .
"WHOOAAAA babe, you've got to be joking. . .!" Right. Phew!!! "Don't you remember you gave me an A . . . . . for effort! I couldn't re-enroll" Good for regulations!

Then he wanted to know why he didnt see me any more in library/second floor. .
"I've been looking. . .hehehe" I called him The Stalker. . . .says he back: "and you loved it. . ." heheee I did. . .LOL

So let's hear from all 20 of you. . . would be nice.

Thanks, guys.


BTW. . . .this photo is NOT me. . . .hehe. . . just nice ass, etc.
to whet the tastebuds, as it were. . .ho ho ho


Coop said...

A student with a crush on you? I've heard that happens... He has good taste :blush: I know you're taken.

Blog topics -> hmmmm... The stuff on religion & coming out is great and all but it's heavy duty stuff. We need a little FUN too. I HATE these kinds of questions.

I'll think of something a week from now, make a mental note to tell Justino., and FORGET what it was, and promptly feel like a freeloader for not contributing something meaningful...

The race is on to get as much accomplished as I possibly can. This has all the makings of a dreamland after dinner day.

P.S. Your BUNZ are nice. Butt, can we get a different view? like a chest pic or somethin?

Gary Kelly said...

I think I'm developing a serious complex about not being a LOL person. Almost everywhere I go on the net, there are LOLs. LOLs here, LOLs there, LOLs everywhere. Once they realize I'm a hehe person, the finger-pointing starts, and the name-calling. It's another form of cyber bullying. I suppose I could become LOL-acting just to be accepted, but if I were to be exposed as a fraud, it would make the situation even worse.

Life can be so unfair, you know. Hehe.

J said...

Your post revealed one of the more controversial aspects of academic life, which is intimate relationships among students and instructors. I'd like to hear your and your university's take on the ethics of the situation, and the extent of adherence to the rules.
Another subject is promiscuity among the gay male population. I personally believe gay men are much more into casual sex, which makes long term relationships more difficult to sustain, and that even in the absence of societal discrimination gays are drawn to ordinate their lives around the gay community. It shows itself in such things as posting a beach sign that makes it clear "breeders" are not welcome. Isn't that no more defensible than saying "no blacks allowed", or "no Irish need apply"?
There are legitimate justifications for discrimination in life. What we justly condemn is invidious discrimination, which penalizes someone for an illegitimate reason. One might argue that there is a gray area in the case of ethnic bonding, but that can have adverse consequences.
One of the more humiliating experiences I had as an adolescent was being told I had no business being in a conservative Jewish synogague after I had been invited there by a classmate who was a member. They probably should have put up a sign saying "no goyem allowed".
Anyway, those are a couple of topics. And, Justin, it is such an old trick to bait your intellectual trap with booty, but it works every time. I bet I could bounce a quarter on what's in those pictures. With some practice you might give Shannon the Shameless a run for his money.

loki4469 said...

What is your view on sex, do you believe in one night stands, do you have to know the person for awhile, do you have to be in a relationship? How old were you when you lost your virginity, was he older or younger? Was it even a "he" who you lost your virginity to? Do you believe in defined rolls in a relationship i.e. top & bottom, masculine & feminine?

Stew said...

I think that crushes are always something to be played with. Even if you have no intention of pursuing it further. I have friends that I always keep around simply because they make me feel good about myself. I can't say that nothing will ever happen. But, I certainly don't intend for anything.

As for topics, I would love to get yours and others perspectives on relationships in the new generation. Things seem a little more open these days even over what they were 10 years ago. Myself, I am married to a man whom I love very much and could not see my life without him. At the same time, I have a couple of friends that I can't say NO to either. And I don't think that I would turn away newbies. We are all OK with this arangement. Everyone is different I suppose.
I also enjoy your artistic expressions and religion stikes a cord with everyone, but can get old as well. Just keep mixing up and talk about what's on your mind.

Coop said...

J's idea is a good one. DO Gay men have more of a tendency toward casual sex than the straight population. (I'm not saying it's a bad thing... We each make our own choices). What does that mean for relationships? What does it mean for a Gay Guy who is not looking for sex all the time?