Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer is Ending. . . .faces are moving on . . ;-)

I am having laidback lazy days. . . well, lazy within reason. There are always some bare essential to ber cared for. . . .lol I've been looking over some material for my master's project nd trying to do some organization of material for class. I am a 'teaching assistsnt' asnd under my program mentor's direction I teach an undergraduate course INTRO PSYCH 101, for first year students. This will be my second year. I've enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal from my students.

I am hanging home for the next two weekends - "the end of summer"
. I probably won't drive north to campus until we are well into Labor Day weekend. . . .get it all to the last minute.

Anything new with you guys. . all y'all? How's your love life? Talk to me. .. ?



Coop said...

Love life?? What love life?? LOL!!

My higher edumacation is behind me now & I have mixed feelings about it. I don't miss the back to school chaos & my transcripts look just fine ;-). I miss college LIFE though. The crew can still party... we'll never lose that. Had a blast last weekend.

I am enjoying a slow day on the North Shore today & LOVING this weather.

Did you notice youtube is like a giant i-pod of cool 80s new wave music... Seagulls, Icehouse, Simple Minds, Van Halen, etc.

Stew said...

Summer? What little I've seen, it's been cold. I even made the trip to Provincetown this year. Only to find it cold and rainy. But, you have to make the best of it. I have fallen in love with the Cape even though I was given a lousy week to explore it.

In a time when people are struggling with employement, I find myself with two full time jobs and I own a self run buisness as well.

Looks like Cape Cod may take on another hurricane. Another Kennedy dies and another hurricane comes. What's up with that?