Tuesday, September 8, 2009


And so it begins all over again!

I did my goodbyes, so-long, farewells, dieus. . .to yer..and yer. .and yer...
FIT all packed and ready and drove west off Cape Cod with holiday
traffic headed home. . . as the afternoon grew on the traffic would get heavier.
I wanted to get beyond Boston before traffic mania took over!

As a post-grad student I am again this year living off campus. My gram
Madame Bouvier. . ..hehe. . .invited me to use the apartment at the end of
her home. She lives across the river in a small town a few miles from
campus. Great for me and good for gram. . she feels safer with me around.
And her meals are far finer than campus food. . ;-) Gram likes having
her youngest grandson around the house. She wants to do too much for
me. . .I insist on doing my own laundry; she insists on doing my shirts!
Great for me. . . LOL

Tomorrow I meet my Intro Psych 101 class which I team teach with my
faculty advisor and psych department chairman. I work as a TA [teaching
assistant] which means teaching one class, correcting and grading exam
papers, and doing my own classes, seminars, working for my Master's in
psychology. A lot of serious work and I love it!

Only one sadness: I had to leave my Portugese Peter back in Provincetown.
but there are weekends, and only 4 hours drive away. . . .

More later. . . .as something develops!

Oh, SHARKS! Great White Sharks. . over 12 feet long. . .5 off them
about 1 mile off shore. . .right in the area of our beach at home! Beaches
closed. Why are they there? Simple answer: there are 100s of seals resting
off our shores. . . .good seal hunting. A stat: no one has been attacked by a shark off the Massachusetts coast since 1936. So. . . you never know! ;-)

ciao ciao ~


Gary Kelly said...

Whoa! You should have seen MY classroom when I was a kid! Nothing like the swisho classroom you attend. Mine was a box with windows and a flat floor, with rows of desks... two students per desk, and over 50 students per class.

Your gram feels safer with you around? Yeah, right. She hasn't read your blog. You're spoiled, Justino. Totally, unashamedly and disgracefully spoiled.

Yes, sharks... great whites. I was on board a trawler off Port Lincoln, South Oz, some years ago. A bunch of game fishermen had burly-ed the waters to attract the monsters. One swam under the trawler and I leaned over the side to get a good look. Mate... you ain't seen nuthin until you've seen the girth of one of those things from above. They are massive. No wonder they can demolish a seal in seconds.

Anyway, I wish you well with your studies and shirts... and gram's cooking.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeah, the TV news commentators were talking about the girth of these sharks. Cameras got good shots of them.

Lecture halls serve many purposes. . camp sites, day care centers, crash pads. . .and on occasion centers of learning. LOL Very comfortable.

Best work goes on in small classrooms and work labs. . .where in small groups we can really get down to nitty-gritty realities...to the heart of things where we really live.

"You're spoiled, Justino. Totally, unashamedly and disgracefully spoiled." WoW! At first it sounds bad, but not. . .I have been given so much, have so many opportunities, really blessed. . and I am grateful for all of it. . it is all gift. "To whom much is given much is expected." I do try to the best of my ability to use well these gifts, to learn as much as I can and share it freely in everyday life.. . or more simply, to become the best I can be so as to serve as fully and freely as possible.

I think it is my responsibility.

Pilgrim said...

Mme. Bouvier? The mother in law to JFK or the former Princess Radziwill? Propz Pilgrim

JustinO'Shea said...

Hi Pilgrim:
Good to see your health has improved. Your earlier reports en vacances didn't sound too 'promising'.

Now, my Madame Bouvier. . . I doubt my grandmother is relation to President JFK's wife Jackie. . or Ms Radziwill. LOL. If so I bet someone in Gramma's family would have made a connection of some sort. LOL

Gramma is a Bouvier, an old French family who emigrated to the Colonies in the mid 1700s. . settled in Maryland via Quebec. My mother is her daughter, of course.

We affectionately refer to Gram as Madame Bouvier. . .une vrai francaise. hehe ... a classy lady who drives a RED VW!. . .and is very fond of her grandson, Justin. ;-)

Justin drives a midnight black Honda FIT which was a graduation from college gift from the whole family! Totally aweseome. .

Shannon tells me my FIT is an appropriately gay-looking car for me to be driving around. LOL

You glad to be back at uni? I am settling in to the idea. . .hehe.
Back to work. . .

Sois bon, mon ami.


J said...

The New York Bouviers were discendants of a French cabinet maker who arrived in Philadelphia in 1815. His grandson actually manufactured a more distinguished geneology after he became a society figure. It is not an uncommon French name.

Coop said...

Another fall is upon us... which is a good thing I think.
Good for you, Justin, with the avoiding of all campus housing. It was all great until one wanted to SLEEP. I swear I survived undergrad on cat naps.
I blame JAWS for the shark freak outs down there in the Cape.

Maybe now that back to school & labor day is over with these universities will deal with their hiring and someone [ahem] will get his great new job.

[But I'm not pushy ;-) ]

JustinO'Shea said...

J. . .check 'about me' on my blog.

JustinO'Shea said...

"J". . .thanks for that further info.

Bouvier-O'Shea. . . hell, we are as common as dirt! LOL And there are loads of us in various marital combos. . .French and Irish in olden days. . .last century. . .were offspring-proficient with large families. 10 or more not unusual. hahaha. . In Northern climes Fall and Winter nights are long, with early sunsets. Candles and oil lamps were not conducive to late-nite reading. . .lol.

Our 'new age' Bouvier-O'Shea is a small family. . one brother age 33, married 2 sons. . .a sister now 31, married, with son and daughter . . . and the youngest had his 21st birthday at the end of June. No planned offspring..lol