Thursday, September 3, 2009

peace. . .love. . . . . . .woodstock? ;-)

LOOK who I rescued last night. . . .LOL. . . .enjoying morning coffee. . . .


J said...

What a selfless humanitarian you are! Sounds like your motto for the morning would be perfect if you dropped the "stock" from Woodstock.

Gary Kelly said...

I'm confused.

J said...

Gary, you endearing Aussie fossil, "wood" is an old synonym for an erection that is used in the porn film industry, as in, "We've got wood!" That, obviously, means that the male star is ready to shine. And if Justin did indeed save the gentleman in the picture from darkest night, and in the morn found him in the kitchen in a state of undress, I daresay there'd be wood in five seconds flat and the boy in question better be ready to polish his host's nob in gratitude. Hell, there'd be wood in Oz over such a fine specimen!
(My apologies for for the trash talk, Father O'Shea. Will you ever shrive me?)

Gary Kelly said...

Yes, I understand the wood thing (sort of), but I don't understand how this bloke suddenly appeared on Justin's blog, or who he is or what he's doing there.

I'm not very good at left field stuff.

Justin O'Shea said...

Oh. . . people are free to speculate . . . . lol. . imagination, connection, free association. . 1 + 1 = 3. . . .right? ;-))

Gary, reslly. . .I think you are pulling our blog-leg. . .ho ho ho You are too savvy for some of your "oh-so-innocent" comments. . don'tcha think? ;-)

What fun you must be to hang out with!
ciao ~