Saturday, September 5, 2009



Gary Kelly said...

Provincetown looks like a lovely place... sort of old fashioned and neighborly, with a colorful, carnival type of atmosphere. Mind you, I suspect that all of the natives speak with American accents, which would make it difficult for a cultured person like myself to understand a damn word they say. Nonetheless, quite an impressive looking town.

Pilgrim said...

Is everybody in Provincetown gay? Or what are all these gay colored flags for? Propz Pilgrim

Stew said...

It looks beautiful and warm there. Very festive. Where was all of that during the film festival earlier in the year?

How about that Shannon dancing in his speedo undies!!!?

JustinO'Shea said...

Bon jour, Pilgrim. . .ca va?

Is everyone in P'town gay? Mostly, come to think about it: YES. LOL By choice and fact it is a gay town. Gays are in the elected town offices, police force, fire department. . .we're everywhere and it is normal. We+ have strong anti-harrassment laws. Any gay bashing by outsiders[or insiders!] is just not tolerated. Offenders are arrested, jailed. .[and sentenced to community service in the leather bars. . .LOL.. .joke. . ]

A few years back there was 1 birth that year. Same year, 98% of property sales were to G/L buyers.

Year-round residents number around 5,000. High seasons population swells to 50-60,000! Mostly gay folk. We do allow "breeders with strollers to visit" LOL but today it is hard to tell gay from str8 baby stroller pushers. It really is a 'family town'. One of the theme weeks in summer is Family Week.

Shops, restaurants, bar, entertainment, etc have a strong 'gay flavor'.

I could write more but you get the idea. Any more questions? I'd like to reply. ;-)


Coop said...

Oh Dear...I unintentionally touched of a discussion on the End of Summer post.

My bestie friend was aghast that I have yet to set foot on Cape Cod. He's mentioned the possibility of a visit. Heck, a view of Boston Harbor from southie was enough to turn my universe on the wrong end.

There's a saying on bumper stickers on Cape Ann... "If they call it tourist season why can't we shoot them"