Friday, September 25, 2009

S E X . .. . . i approve

FIRST I want to apologize for my delay in replying to this post suggestion fro loki4469.
Life just got too busy all of a sudden. So home on this Friday night in early Autumn I
am making time to cartch up on a few things.
loki4469 said...

What is your view on sex, do you believe in one night stands, do you have to know the person for awhile, do you have to be in a relationship? How old were you when you lost your virginity, was he older or younger? Was it even a "he" who you lost your virginity to? Do you believe in defined rolls in a relationship i.e. top & bottom, masculine & feminine?

September 17, 2009 7:43 PM

S E X . .. . . i approve
My view on sex. hmmmm. Well after LIFE I think probably sex is the best gift God ever created and gave to his creation. I dare suggest it is probably the most used and longest-time in use of all G-d's gifts!
Of course the guilt-ridden would never agree with me here. They think - even as much as they indulge in it - that if they could just stop it, stop feeling/doing it, they would be "good boys". Somehow and for many reasons, I suppose, use of sex has become "the greatest of sins leading to eternal damnation and hell-fire for all eternity." So if they could just eliminate that they would be "good".

Unfortunately their guilt and not being "good" has little to do at all with human sexuality, or the use or abuse of sexual activity. I goes deeper to how they feel about themselves. . . . .often as unloveable. . "Who could possibly love me?" Then they spend lots of time over the years assembling 'proofs'. . .actions, activities to prove it. In our society and often family background, sexuality and a gay orientation give us ample proof that 'deep down we really are trash.'

One-night-stands as a lifestyle do very little to fill the deep-down need we have to love and be loved. Why? I think that if that is all we experience we and others become sex-objects, things, toys. Sex becomes depersonalized. . .there is no real sharing of persons, except perhaps on the most primitive of levels.

I think knowing someone, being in some sort of loving/affective relationship is really very desirable.

Obviously these are my relies to Loki's questions. How others would answer would be interesting.

I don't know when I "lost my virginity". . . ..LOL. My first guy-guy sex was when I was 15. My track partner, a year older, and I came in late from running one late afternoon. . .and the locker room and shower were empty. We fooled around a bit and hit the showers where we fooled aound more. Dammit, we heard somone come into the locker room. . . ..dressed and headed out home.

He gave me a ride home and, on the way, stoped, got my jean down [easily, by the way] and WoW. . .my first BJ. . . . .whooooaaaaaaaahhhhhh. We had a very interesting year. heheheheee

Defined roles. . like top or bott, M /F. etc? Fine, I guess, if that's what they want.
I prefer things more more 'organic' . . .go with flow. . .see what the moment brings, etc etc. That's it. Vague, I know. . . .hehehe. . .by choice.

I believe in real honesty, openness, real sharing of mind and heart, not hiding or being ashamed of who I am.. . what I do. . .

I believe Loki4469 and I would luv to hear what others think on these matters. . .
the ball is in your lap. . . . .so to speak. hehehe

hugs n stuff,



J said...

What a gracefull response to some very personal questions. I wouldn't have cared to answer all of them.
Are you not going back to the Cape this weekend, with its diversions?

Gary Kelly said...

So God created sex? How interesting. But I don't understand why 1) it's not something in which he personally engages and 2) why he insisted that Mary remain a virgin. Come to think of it it, Joseph must have been a virgin too, in which case, the marriage must have never been consummated. It's all very confusing if you ask me.

Sex baffles me, I must admit. I appreciate that people not only do it but also enjoy it, but I can't shake the feeling that it's not something God would have deliberately created hehe. Not unless he was in a rather strange mood that day.

You see what happens when you've had a testosterone bypass?

Stew said...

People and especially many religions get a little too worked up over sex. Growing up in the pentecostal church, I decided that it would be better to not have sex at all to avoid the whole hell and eternal damnation stuff. I made it to 27y/o. I put a lot of effort into theology and learned about as many religions as possible. They all would seem to have you only have sex to have children. And at no other times.
I can't believe that God would give us sex and have us only use it to make babies. If that were the case, I don't believe that it would be so enjoyable.
I am now married to a man. Our relationship is not based on sex interestingly enough. He is just not as sexual as myself. This makes me open to other encounters. But I still like to have a connection with the person. Not just a one-nighter. It can be difficult to develop a connection and not offend my husband. This makes my encounters few and far between. So I waited far to long and now I still don't get enough.

JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS for your replies and sharings. Lots of provocative ideas.

Curiosity seeking info: GARY, is your "testosterone bypass" ontological, i.e., physical, surgically or medicinally indued/procured, or is it 'literary device' to make a point?

It seems a strange concept of a G-D who would /might/could/did create a world of wondrous beauty, potential, possibilities without the idea anyone might actually enjoy/get pleasure out of creation.

Now it seems quite obvious, and personally I do believe G-D did in fact create humans via the evolutionary process, and, as biblical theology tells us, made humans the crown of creation. Sexuality and sexual orientation are a vital part of the human creature . . .as a general statement.

SO, yes, G-D did give humans the 'joys of sex' (people make money writing books about it! heheh ) The biblical account tries to convey that fact in the two versions of creation in the book of Genesis with chapter 2 being the older tradition. G-D placed the Man, h'adam,-'taken from the earth'- in a garden of delights with all things 'pleasing to the eye'. . . which is part of the body. . . hehe. . .to be enjoyed.

Then The Woman , h'eva -mother of all the living, to be the companion=helpmate of The Man.

Then SIN- "the twister of natural harmony and order" - enters the narrative. . . and. .well, we know what all that led to. . . .;-((

Surely you pull our collective leg, Gary, in separating pleasure and ecstasy from procreation and 'fun n games' for rainy afternoon delights. . . and a god which wouldn't want sex enjoyable! Right?

But then. . . to each his own. . n'est-ce pas.


Gary Kelly said...

Okay, provided the collective leg you refer to is not the middle one, yes, I am guilty of a little leg pulling. My testosterone bypass, by the way, is metaphorical. I still get the wobbles occasionally when I spot a hottie, but I let it go at that. Any further involvement can lead to the kind of complications I no longer need. Been there, done that.

The sex act is an addiction to hormones and other chemicals that flood the brain under certain circumstances, at a given signal. If it weren't for those chemicals, sex would not be an option. It's far too absurd an activity to be a rational and logical choice for a person NOT under the influence of natural hallucinogens.

I mean, visualize the act. Got the picture? Okay, now imagine God conjuring that same mental image BEFORE sex was even invented and thinking, "Yes, this looks like a wonderful idea." Hehe. No way, Jose.

To put it another way, the reason I don't leap out of airplanes or bungee jump is because I'm not addicted to adrenalin. The bungee jumper thinks I'm missing out on all the fun. Well, I've got news for him.

Anyway, Justin, you're quite right... n'est-ce pas - whatever blows your hair back.

Coop said...

No one nighters and having connection to the other person is highly important!

I sometimes wonder out loud if GOD has gotten lost in the fact that us human beings are trying to interpret what "THE BOSS" wants out of us. Closely held personal prejudices may have become doctrine somewhere along the line.

I always wonder these days what didn't make the cut to be in the Bible due to human prejudice or the desire for power/fame/dinero etc. on the part of those making the choices.

I've wasted a lot of "seed" not on procreation. Trust me.