Monday, September 21, 2009


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My life has become very busy. . . .the TA work piles up way to quickly. As a
teaching assistant I get to look over al the papers students hand in, grade
quizzes and keep the records.

Plus, I have a class of my own to prepare and present three times a week.
My professor-mentor, after sitting in on a few classes, decided he didn't
need to sit in on my updated last year's presntstions for Intro Psych 101.
The students are a lot more vocal and participative when Professor B. is
not there.

Then I have my own work to do for my Masters degree psych program which
includes classes, seminars, group therapy sessions.

SO I am well occupied.

Now I want to respond to J 's question / comment about professional ethics on
campus. .Here is what he asked. . . .

Your post revealed one of the more controversial aspects of academic life, which
is intimate relationships among students and instructors. I'd like to hear your and
your university's take on the ethics of the situation, and the extent of adherence

to the rules. ""

J was referring to the student in last year's class who had a rather active crush on
the instructor. . . ME. And was agressive in a funny, amusing manner. Cute, really.
However, this could go no where. And it never did!

University policy is loud and clear: No fraternization between faculty and students.
In other words, if you want your job, tensure, a salary. . .hands off ALL students, You
don't party, hang out together, date. . . . etc.

As a teaching assistant this applies to me, even though I am not in tenure or a full time
prof or faculty member. Plus I would loose the grant i was awarded at graduation
and be asked to leave! NO FOOLING AROUND.+

Strictly interpreted. In these days of instant litigation, no one is going to risk it.
In an article in Forbes magazine a couple years ago, written by two lawyers, aside
from the fiasco going on in USA courts with the litigations going on with the Catholic
Church, "there is gold in them thar hills": education, medicine, social workers. .and'
plans were being made to "find all the gold" in the various pots at the ends of the
rainbow. . . .

You know one of the reasons stressed to blame the older person involved: POWER.
The professor, the aggressor, exercised/used power to seduce the younger.

So that's how things go. However, in sex evaluations among counsellors/social workers
it is comely held that in such cases of older-younger nine times out of ten the younger is the
aggressor.. .and the seducer.

So. . .what do you make of them apples? LOL


J said...

A wise policy. Its like any workplace: Don't fuck the help! If you give the student less than an A he'll claim its because he got tired of screwing you. Never give them any ammunition.

Coop said...

Yeah it is a wise policy. Sounds like you are well occupied, Justin.
Do you have to get a masters and then a Ph.D or can you tie it all together...?

How's commuting these days?

The boy is a cutey.

Gary Kelly said...

Some people (like me years ago) just can't help falling in love. I guess if a teacher falls in love with a student, and wants to pursue the relationship, he/she would need to resign his/her post. But what would a student do if he/she fell in love with a teacher?

Take this scenario for example: student falls madly in love with teacher. Student accuses teacher of rejection and cruelty. Student blames rejection for poor grades. Student sues teacher.

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . .happens way too often. . .and, guess what!. . the "object of student's affections" is a sitting duck. . . .and guess who gets believed . . .esp if there was any kind of physical contact.. .I dont mean physical sex. . . the "poor defenceless over-active hormoned" student!+

I close with an old New England saying . .on farms and ships. . "It's a mean bird that shits in its own nest."

JustinO'Shea said...

Another idea, more or less same topic. . .

I am grateful for and positive about the innate goodness of all people, gay and strr8. The vast majority know how to manage their lives quite well using their heads and hearts, with proper containment of their balls,cocks and gonads. We are far more than sperm producing shooters. . .LOL

same old justin. . .lol..oopsss..hehehe