Monday, August 10, 2009

Panaramic View of Commercial Street

Gary Kelly alerted me to a section on RedBubble featuring Cape Cod art. This art by Aleyska shows the wondrous center of Commercial Street.
Small World of Commercial Street by Alyeska
The large building top center is the candy shop from which comes some pervasive
aromas which will drag you in or chase you away. LOL

To the left across the street is the Town Hall most;y hidden by the sheltering trees
hovering over all the benches along both sides of the corner where folk plot down
to rest. . .to watch and be watched. ;-))

Diagonally across the street from the benches and the candy shop stands the
internationally known Portuguese Bakery, the front of which you cannot see. Early on
in this Blog I posted a photo of the bakery and wrote about my Peter whose family owns
and run the bakery.

I used to come here and stop in to look at Peter, maybe get a smile from him. . . .and wish. . . . Then one day, as I wrote earlier, he asked me to take a break with him and we took our coffee and Portuguese pastry across the street to the Town Hall benches and sat and chatted and have since become "an item". .. hehe

Peter and I went to the same high school, sorta knew one another, but it is only of late that we are coming to know each other and care a lot. You know? During high school and college I worked construction for an uncle of his who is a contracter, builds houses. I've come to be very good hanging dry wall. :-) This summer the economy has been so bad, lots of family men are without jobs, and they take priority over college kids. Besides my boss isn't doing much construction this summer. Things are tough.

So I've had time to get to know my boss's nephew this summer, time to hang out. Peter works the bakery and also on crew of the family fishing boat. [See earlier pics of the Portuguese Fiesta and blessing of the fishing fleet.] I've been out on the boat on a work day, not as a tourist but as a worker. Itis hard work, often smelly work, good honest work!

It is being an interesting summer. . . . a happy summer!!!


Coop said...

Are you getting ready to go back to school? Peter sounds like a good guy.
I've had an interesting summer too. '09 has been a good year. & I took the opportunity to relax.
Didn't get to Cape Ann as much as I wanted to.

I'm hoping I get a great new job soon. I have connections where the opportunities are (and I don't need to be worrying much); but I'm impatient.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey Coop, you go to Manchester-by-the-Sea ever? When next you are at Singing Beach throw in a beer libation for me! hehehee. . summer of sophomore year - around the time I had my first boy-boy encounter - I almost drowned at Singing Bitch. . heavy surf, I got knocked over and caught in the heavy undertow. . . struggling to get free of the undertow was awful. . .but, hotdamn, I msde it!

Luck with the great new job!

Gary Kelly said...

"Then one day, as I wrote earlier, he asked me to take a break with him and we took our coffee and Portuguese pastry across the street to the Town Hall benches and sat and chatted and have since become "an item". .. hehe"

Well, that's one of the most romantic things I've ever read! I'm genuinely touched. Maybe it also has something to do with the fairytale look of Commercial Street, and my mental image of you guys sitting under the trees on a bench. *sigh*

JustinO'Shea said...

Awww, Gary, what you wrote is sweet. So you are also a romantic. . .I had guessed as much. I am glad I wrote that for you!

Thanks for mentioningyou had seen Cape Cod photos at RebBubble. I found 45 pages of pics! I clicked on a few of them and saw some photos taken from just down the Lane from us! Maybe our home is there among them; gonna look more.

ciao ~

Stew said...

Very kewl shot of Commercial St. I was inspired to get back into my art projects after visiting Provincetown this year. It's romantic, it's inspiring. You can't help bet fall in love when you are there.

Coop said...

I almost drowned once, too. Swimming lessons in the local pond. I was 7.
Check your mail when you get a chance. I responded to your ques...
Thanks Justin (re. the job)! I used to visit Singing Beach when I was a kid. I was up at Manchester by the Sea a few weeks back and could recall neither the parking lot nor the street that led up toward the Beach. I didn't even remember the town. The beach looks familiar but Mom had to drive up the road & jog my memory. Manch by Sea is lovely. I also made my first visit to Beverly Farms this summer, too.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey. . .where does time go???? Days---nights too --- are getting busier and fuller. . .;-) Am I bitchin'? No way!

Coop, naaah, I rarely think of getting back to university! That's months away. . . right? . .summer is just beginning. . .right?

I owe several replies to you, J and Gary. I should do that before everything gets so outdatedly ancient! I shall. . .trust me?

Coop said...

Trust you to get back to me? Absolutely.

Coop said...

I'll comment on Gay Catholics later, too. I need to rest my mind. it was a wacky week. (see, couldn't remember to write that in last comment ;-) )

By yesterday afternoon I was ready for 16 hours of comatose apathy in front of the TV. I snapped out of it though. You've had days like that, right?