Friday, August 21, 2009

SURF'S UP!!! 20-23 ft waves- Hurricane Bill


New England boaters, surfers warned of hurricane

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Emergency managers on Thursday warned boaters, swimmers and surfers to take added precautions this weekend, when waves are expected to swell to 35 feet off the coast of New England as Hurricane Bill passes to the east.

The National Weather Service said seas will get increasingly dangerous on Saturday into Sunday. Seas of up to 20 feet are possible south of Martha's Vineyard and Block Island and east of Cape Cod, and up to 35 feet on portions of the prime fishing area of Georges Bank, the weather service said.

President Obama and his family plan to travel to Martha's Vineyard on Sunday for vacation.

Mariners from Rhode Island up to Maine were told to stay close to port because of the expected high seas and what could be tropical storm-force winds. Steve Kass of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency said anybody offshore south of New England will face "absolutely dangerous conditions."


J said...

Just in time for Obama's vacation!

Gary Kelly said...

Obama's used to people rocking the boat. He'll be sweet.

Anyway, I hope the O'Shea homestead manages to remain intact.

Hurricanes are called cyclones down under... not that it matters what they're called. I hate anything that spills my drink.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Gary. So fsr all is well. . .a lot of tourists left early but then yjod mornong I saw some hardy hesrts treggin' along the flats. . .

2 drinks add ballast. . . LOL