Thursday, August 6, 2009


This was queried earlier today by one of the frequentors . . . .

Blogger Gary Kelly said...

Okay, now it's time to ask Shannon if he tries Speedos on for size before he buys. I think it's better that you ask him, Justin, because if I do he'll think I'm awful. And as we all know, I'm not... *ahem*

August 6, 2009 3:05 AM

Mr Kelly's *ahem*is open to varied lines of interpretation, perhaps. LOL Could it be that - since we all know Gary isn't awful, by his own say so - that since I might be the opposite as in "the nice boy to toy with but one he'd never bring home to Mother . . ." let Justin reply to his query. LOL
Some of you may have gathered Shannon and I are 'tres intime' so I am able to
respond DOES HE or DOESN'T HE.

In most civilized [ aka prudish?] countries intimate apparel is never tried on before purchasing. When I referenced what might be considered 'intimate apparel' I learned that is garments directly touching the skin of intimate parts of
the body. .. . .

And that such garments are rarely returned to the store place of purchase for sale to others. Though I have heard there are certain enterprisng persons who offer worn items intimately close to body parts for sale "as is". . . .that is, not laundered. LOL

DOES HE or DOES'T HE? Let me say ABSOLUTELY NOT ! He doesn't need to try
them on: he knows they will fit quite well and look totally stunning !!!


So this should cover the matter briefy-ly enough to supply ample room for reflective speculation.

N>B>Any similarities to persons real or hallucinational is purely intentional.

pssssssssttt. . . . .psssssssttttt. . .
for used intimate apparel contact our agent on Commercial Street.



Len said...

Justin, well written. I am no good at other languages and it is a challenge with English lol, even though I am British by birth.

I gathered that you and Shannon are *pals* but what is 'tres intime' ? sorry for my ignorance. Great pics btw, enlarging the original pics seemed to cut off some of the more interesting parts of shannons anatomy. Cheers

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks for your comments, Len.Sorry about my 'showing-off' "Tres intime" means "very close" . . using the French word "intime"intimate - adds some implied "spice" to the mix!LOL

Mom is French, a professor of English Lit, throws in French words words in conversation. . .I got slanguage-mixed at a early age. hehee

Being youngest of three - my sister is 10 years older than I - mom had a lot of time for me, reading to me "from forever"it seems, teaching me some French too.So added to being spoiled, I was gay, kinda bi-lingual, and love to tease.

Dad is a lawyer. They are latterday hippies' born-again Yuppies, lovers since college days, and no regrets about their youth.

So voila! there you have it. . "tres intimes". . hahahahaaaaaaa

ciao,ciao, bambino. . .justino

JimmyD said...

Here in the US you may try on swimwear as long as you wear an undergarment as a buffer.
Federal law prevents the return of any swimwear or underwear.

I did work for an independently gay owned shop in NYC that was a bit liberal with that policy. Swimwear could be exchanged pending a manager's approval. The returned swimwear would then be laundered (on site) and put in the cheaply priced 'As Is' bin. Lots of the guys in the Village looked forward to finding something in the bin because they were so cheap!

Gary Kelly said...

Thanks for the in-depth report and clearing up the matter of Shazza's tres intime apparel. But I was thinking about the Japanese astronaut who wore his undies for a month... they'd be worth a few bob 'as is'.


Coop said...

Now we know :) Honestly, that's a question I would've never thought to ask.