Friday, August 7, 2009

Personal Genesis - add to bio. . .

Past experiences, things we have learned from others, our own present fears and desires - form our unique perceptual field, shape and colour our view of reality. [Intro Psych 101] hehehee

In general, maybe even on the surface, we all share a lot in common. So if I really want to know you and you want to know me, we have to tell each other our feelings - my feelings at the deepest level are uniquely mine. Intimacy comes from that sharing of ourselves.

This, then, is a bit more of my own bio,added to the rest of what I have posted so far.

My comments to Len's posting this morning/today:

Thanks for your comments, Len.Sorry about my 'showing-off' "Tres intime" means "very close" . . using the French word "intime"intimate - adds some implied "spice" to the mix!LOL

Mom is French, a professor of English Lit, throws in French words words in conversation. . .I got slanguage-mixed at an early age. hehee

Being youngest of three - my sister is 10 years older than I - mom had a lot of time for me, reading to me "from forever"it seems, teaching me some French too. So added to being a tad spoiled, I am gay, kinda bi-lingual, and love to tease.

Dad is a lawyer. They are latterday hippies' born-again Yuppies, lovers since college days, and no regrets about their youth.
When I think about it . . .where else would we live but on Cape Cod, a bit of distance from gay Provincetown, in a big old house with lots of room to breathe,unwind, always open to people of all kinds. . .Mom's de riguer after Mass Sunday brunch very often is a gathering of good friends, facinating characters . . . .what a wonderful ambiance for a gay kid to grow up in ...LOL

So voila! there you have it. . "tres intimes". . hahahahaaaaaaa

ciao, ciao, bambino. . .justino

August 7, 2009 6:23 AM

So looking into my backpack, unpacking my baggage can tell me some more of who and why I am. . . oh well, enuff of this for now. ;-))


Pilgrim said...

areyou sureto be underprivileged? :-) Propz Pilgrim

Gary Kelly said...

That's all quite fascinating, Justin. I'm impressed. And I'm sure your clients when you're a shrink will appreciate that you're as loony as they are.

Len said...

Justin, thank you for your explaination. Good for you to have Bi-lingual skills. In my blog ai have written some of my history in an 8 part series. Not sure if you have read it or not. Obviously I have left out some stuff that I can only share with some one that I am *Tres intime* with. My boss is like a walking language school forever using words that are either Latin or french and sometimes very hard to find in the Oxford Dictionary. Next year I'm going to cheese him off cos I'm going to Tafe to learn Auslang, sign language so I can communicate with the deaf people I know on their level. Again thanks Justin. Love your work. Cape Cod sounds a great place.

Stew said...

I'm impressed that you were able to come out at a young age, with being of later days decent. A good friend of mine is also mormon and can not seem to accept himself as gay. It appears that your parents are an amazing couple and you seem well rounded. Good for you.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, bros, for your comments, ideas,sharings from the heart. I'd really enjoy sitting on the deck with you "speaking of matters of consequence." So much to talk about!

"Sure to be underprivileged'? I don't think so. My values and privilege are within and I doubt easily lost. Not tied up with having stuff.

I suppose being loony is in the eye of the beholder. . .as for loony let's hope we don't lose all of ours. Loony clients. . ? I work to help mend hearts. .

Hmm. . .sign language. . sounds fun. Think what you could sign across a crowded room. . .lol. .and never have to talk behind some dude's back. hehehe

I am one lucky guy for many reasons. I have been blessed to have such parents: they made me who I am. LOL Telling my parents something they already knew - I am gay! - made my life so much simpler and so much more fun. I am always secure at home and I take it with me when I go out like a comfy old sweater [jumper?] on a cold rw winter day. '=)

Sorry if I gave the impression I am one of the Latter Day Saints [Mormons]. . .I am a "present day saint".yeehaaaaw! The O'Sheas are and always will be Catholics. . by Irish tradition and personal choice. I am a regular Mass going gay guy; I've had to sort out a lot of stuff and I suppose I will keep on sorting cuz faith isn't static but dynamic. Way ta go, dynamos!
Catch all y'all later. justin