Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Tad More Stuff

I am one lucky guy for many reasons. I have been blessed to have such parents: they made me who I am. LOL Telling my parents something they already knew - I am gay! - made my life so much simpler and so much more fun. I am always secure at home and I take it with me when I go out like a comfy old sweater [jumper?] on a cold raw winter day. '=)

Sorry if I gave the impression I am one of the Latter Day Saints [Mormons]. . .I am a "present day saint".yeehaaaaw! The O'Sheas are and always will be Catholics. . by Irish tradition and personal choice. I am a regular Mass going gay guy; I've had to sort out a lot of stuff and I suppose I will keep on sorting cuz faith isn't static but dynamic. Way ta go, dynamos!

Catch all y'all later. justin


Pilgrim said...

Glad, you are so lucky and happy! :-) Hugs should read my last post, it´s also about religion in a positive sense.

justin o'shea said...

Hey bro Pilgrim. . WoW man, you're really having a ruff time. these last couple weeks. Glad you are doing the medical route regularly. Infections are dangerous stuff.

You live an active life. . hehhe. .then I guess we all do. ;-)I haven't been able to figure out if you live in France or Germany. . .

Very sleepy tonight. Not a lot of sleep last night OR this morning. LOL My Boy Peter is tied up with family stuff so we hadn't planned anything for tonight. . .both need to recover from Friday.. ho ho ho ho

I am glad you post on my blog. Merci!

hugs back. .justin

Allah akbar!

Pilgrim said...

Atm. in Germany, but vacations end on Sep. 1st this xear, so by then I´ll be back in Paris. Have a good sunday, Brother. :-) Propz Pilgrim

J said...

How in the hell could someone named O'Shea from Massachusetts be anything but Catholic?
It must be a struggle, though, for you to stay with a church that condemns you for acting on your inate sexual impulses.

Gary Kelly said...

A catholic Mass-going Irish O'Shea. Well, there ya go... at your age I was a catholic Mass-going Irish Kelly. So there's a possibility you may end up like me! Poor thing.

BTW, I saw a pic of Cape Cod on Red Bubble and it's awesome! Very pretty.

Coop said...

Gee Thanks! You've made me remember my priest telling us that one can't call oneself a Catholic unless one attends Mass. I'm a heathen & it's not the church's attitude that keeps me from going... just me. Lol!

I still haven't gotten a hang of the whole Saints thing. I send all prayers right to "the boss".