Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spiritus Pizza - Commercial Street

DID YOU SEE US WAVING. . . .Peter and me ?

No picture? Try hitting your reload button. (F5)

Lots of people, gay people. Hot. Humid. Sticky. Sweet dreams to those of you going to sleep.


Gary Kelly said...

Nope, my old monitor can't cope. I can see blurry figures but not much else. Have I missed anything?

Hot, sticky and humid - ew! Forget the cuddles and hugs. Slimy is not my thing.

However, spiritus pizza sounds interesting. Is there some sort of religious connotation there? Olives have been around since Biblical times ya know. And now we grow them in Oz with great success. Aussie Olives... how about that!

Pilgrim said...

Spiritus Pizza - remains of Spitfire Grill. :-) Propz Pilgrim

Coop said...

Nope... can't see anyone waving at the camera.

This weather is the PITS (stinky smelly armpits). Hee Hee Hee