Monday, September 5, 2011

religion / theology and the presidency

Is it "officially" the campaign season for political office yet?  It seems to this student of life that we never finish anything any more. . we elect a president upon whom the losers immediately declare open war AND then spend all their time and energies to be sure he is not re-elected to a second term. . . .to be sure he fails at anything and everything. . . [matter of public record from the losers ].

There are two things. . . .among others, btw. . lol. . ..of which I am sick and tired.  #1.  endless, perpetual political campaigning.  BEing in office seems far more important that DOing any thing IN office to the detriment of the entire Country.  With all the desired perks one can think of to reward them for their WORK for the well-being of the citizens who PAY their salaries.  [ Did you know that children of Congress members are NOT REQUIRED to pay back STUDENT LOANS?!  "Nice fer 'em," as the fellar sez. . . . ]

#2.  While we proclaim and make a big deal of Separation of Church and State religious thoughts and theological views have become the litmus test for a candidate for public office. . .esp for The Presidency.   And unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter one iota what their brand of religious thought might be. . . .because in reality - when we are being honest - sometimes -  we do not give a tinker's damn what anyone believes because no one takes that stuff seriously anyway.!  And. . .tragic for us.

I am nauseated when I listen to these historical ignorami spout off about the faith and religious values of our Founding Fathers. . .that this country was founded on "Christian values" and similar tripe.  That couldn't have happened:  our Founding Fathers for the most part were not Christians and did not espouse "Christian values" .  A few of them were of some low-church variety of Episcopalians  -- not to be confused with The Episcopal Church today -- which 'low-church' in breaking with the King of England had repudiated The Anglican Church and had become some water-down version of reactionary Pilgrims and Puritans. . . .whatever that all meant.  It would be hard to classify them even as deists - believers in a god - for there is precious little evidence of a belief in the God of the Bible.

One of the Leaders of the Pack is the current governor of a certain territory known as the Lone Star State.  In the past few weeks this candidate is leaders his fellows by a large margin in national polls.
His current leap onto the stage follows a hugely attended Prayer Vigil for the Nation, paid for by the narrow-minded bigotted fundamentalist sect called Focus on the Family. [Google them] and staged and stared by members of the Apostolic Reformation [ check this blog a couple weeks back for my comments on this group and Gov. Rick Perry.]

A week later Mr Perry announced he was candidate for President, having been "called" to this role.  Read between the lines in my earlier post he was called to this office by the Apostles of this religious fellowship.   This is a rigidly organized quasi-"christian" sect with a definitive plan to dominate every aspect of life in this country. . . .They have the "right words" or jargon which triggers the knee-jerk reaction/support/vote of the believers and would-be hangers-on to this long-standing organization.  [You might Google
Dominionists or words similar to this for their roots.]

My point is that not only is there a definite religious organization shaping and forming this campaign, but that the aims/goals of this group will have a definitive impact on the Country.  I have read it claimed that certain persons while vehemently opposing such sects or fundamentalist groups that to avoid our current President being re-elected would actually vote for this type of fundy religious candidate. . ..come what may.  

It is not that they are believers, it is what they believe and how they plan to achieve their goals.  This Apostolic Reformation sect is a particular brand of exclusive "christianity" which allows for no other interpretation than theirs.  They are not inclusive of other religions by any means;  they are exclusive. . . of all other varieties of "christian" religious beliefs and theology.  There will be "liberty and justice for all". . . long as ALL believe exactly and precisely what these people teach. . . .and they will teach their president once he is elected.

There will be no room  for Jews, the more mainline Protestants, Anglicans or Episcopalians, Catholics.  Blacks are out.  And it goes without saying all those of a homosexual orientation are most definitely  O U T .   Do you political homework.  I won't be fun.


Stew said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I thought this country was formed so that we could have religious freedom. Perhaps I was mistaken. Maybe we should ask all the white folks to leave our land. Crazy? yes. And so are they.

Gary Kelly said...

And that is precisely why we have compulsory voting in Oz. The radicals and fringe groups will always remain a minority here and never govern in their own right.

I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of Americans are neither far right nor far left. However, they need to be made aware that if they DON'T vote, the loonies will take advantage of their complacency.

Get off your lazy butts, Americans, and do your duty. Make your voice heard and VOTE.

J said...

Obama would like nothing better than to define religious extremeism as the key issue of the next political campaign, when we know that the economy is that issue. Nothing you say will change this fact, Justin. Today Obama went to a pathetic union rally in Detroit, and the rhetoric was extremist. The highlight of the affair was Jimmy Hoffa Jr.'s remark that they were going to "take out" their opposition, which is just what his dad and "Tony Pro" Provenzano used to do to their opponents. Obama is reduced to kissing the asses of these hoodlums, and sending out the demogogic Black Caucus to claim that the people who want fiscal austerity are a lynch mob. Obama is desperate, and under the circumstances you can expect that there will be 14 more months of this hysterical nonsense before these matters are settled.
There will be no economic recovery until Europe is stable and American business is convinced that Obama won't suceed in "spreading around" the wealth its been hoarding to his street people constituency. Last month Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas hotel magnate and a former Democratic fundraiser, openly told the public that business is scared as hell of Obama. You may be sure businessmen will minimize their risk until this threat is over. Two days from now you will hear more high quality bullshit from the President that claims government can create jobs by spending more money that we don't have. Again, he won't present a piece of legislation to back up the words, because he can't afford to let the Congressional Budget Office tell the public what's on the price tag. But when the Congress tells him it won't sell, Obama will spend now until the 2012election campaigning about the "do nothing" Congress that denies the jobless relief. Fortunately, I believe the public sees through his bullshit.
You know I have no use for religion, but it's beginning to look as if Romney may be the only decent solution to this problem. If that makes me a traitor to the gay acceptance agenda, so be it. Life is full of compromises.

Coop said...

J's hypothesis of not too long ago was that President Obama will win a second term because enough people will be freaked out by Perry's religious fanaticism. I agree with that.
If Perry wins the nomination he will NOT have my vote.

Gary is Australian politics dominated by 2 parties? These two remind me of bull elephant seals on those nature shows. Ugly beasts shoving each other up and down the beach and mowing down everything in their path.

JustinO'Shea said...

Sweet imagery for a Tuesday morning !

Stew said...

We can only hope that all those lazy Americans hear you Gary.

It's too bad that those other parties that pop up from time to time, can never seem to get anywhere. I think we've had enough of these bull elephant seals.

Jim said...

I agree with Gary too! It's time for Americans to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! Vote these crazies out by supporting good, sane people to whatever office.

Here in Canada we have, what a lot of Americans would call socialists, a Social Democratic party, the New Democrats, who are now the official opposition party in the federal government(as of May 2011)! Unheard of even a year ago!
It has taken a while for this party to grow in popularity but people have been getting sick and tired of the same old geezers and power-happy, greedy men who were running the country (or at least they were led to believe they were by the multi-nationals).
So yes Justin I am in total agreement that something has to be done and it is time for the US to be shaken out of it's slumber and WAKE UP!
Justin, you're getting me all riled up!

Gary Kelly said...

Coop: Yes, Oz is dominated by two major parties... Labor and Liberal. The Liberal party is a coalition between the city Libs and the country Nationals. But at the last election, there was a hung parliament. Discussions were held by both major parties with the 3 successful independents and the Greens, who all supported Labor, so at the mo we have a minority government in Canberra - a hotchpotch cobbled together to claim power. It's a mess, and the people don't like it.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yeeeaaahhhhh! Let's kick ass! ;-))
If we start talking some new ideas - or willingness to LOOK at new ideas - might make it to the minds. . .
The same old BS doesn't do it. . . !

APATHY doesn't make it. . . .anywhere.

jimm said...

Jus think, if someone changed their name to "NoneOfTheAbove" they'd win.

Coop said...

The media and the political dweebs are to blame for some of this, you know. The general election is over a year away and a lot will happen.

The dweebs et al are obsessing over the IOWA CAUCUS."If candidate B.Rubble wins the Iowa caucus and Gramma Lautner in Michigan picks him when she talks to survey takers outside Albertson's supermarket on the third Wednesday of April he has a 32.76325% chance of winning the presidency It's the magic 8 ball..."

{Coop makes a talking hand} Blah blah blah

JustinO'Shea said...

Clever...clever. . . but at the same time do not ignore what is going on in and with those Tea Partyers. . . there are a LOT of them with some powerful organized backers who know how to maneuver and manipulate the MOB. . . .don't under-estimate them, ever.
While some of us may tend to look down on them, etc, etc. . we know the lingo. . .lol. . .we need to remember for a lot of people religion appeals to a lot of superstition. . .fosters and uses it. . . .and each of the superstitious has a vote which can and will me manipulated: dressed up with all the pious rags and disguises provided by biblical texts and "religious fervor" exaggerations, the TEA PARTY crowd like to talk the lingo of religious righteousness and stuff.

What we are seeing in the soaring rise of Gov Rick Perry is all ballooned on high in the press and polls because of the planned backing of his base/basic supporters. . .they have called and anointed him as the political messiah. . .and the "faithful" are being primed accordingly. . . so when he comes in triumph on his political Palm Sunday as THE GOP FRONT-RUNNER . . . .watch out. . .

don't forget the tradition they come from. . . as offensive as it is. . . in the old thinking which has spawned the new front, Blacks are an inferior species. . ."Do they even have souls?". . .that is why the righteous of our land could own/buy and sell SLAVES. . .

"Oh no! there is no bias and bigotry in the land!" You do not have to scratch too far beneath the surface.

Read the Signs of the Times. . .

Coop said...

Justin, you're jumping in place again. :{

Leaving religion aside. Rick Perry is a light weight. His job creation record is mostly minimum wage. And he gives in state tuition to immigrants who came here illegally.
What's his appeal to the GOP? None?
J I need help with this one.
He'll crash and burn. In my memory the early front runners always do.

JustinO'Shea said...

"Burn, baby, burn!"

We haven't had light-weights before?

Just read what I have written. My line doesn't need more explanation: it's quite clear enough from the Religious Reich perspective.

Same platform. . abortion ever for any reason. . .repeal gay rights: "evil has no rights" and gays are evil evil evil to the core.
Same ole same ole. . . et cetera. .
These are their "fundamental religious principles."

JustinO'Shea said...

NO, Coopsta, I am NOT jumpin in place anywhere. .[ it was cute...once, btw ]
I am simply suggesting what I see. . .there is a pattern. Pay attention.
They want you side-tracked.

J said...

I'm afraid Justin censored my first response to his post, Coop. If I had to guess, Perry's popularity is attributable to his rugged good looks and his status as a bona fide Christer. He also is the new guy in town, and we haven't had a chance to look at him closely. Have you noticed how quickly people forgot about Bachmann? I prefer the two Mormons over Perry, and Romney is looking better to me as time goes by.

JustinO'Shea said...

Did I censor one of your posts? You sure? I do not recall doing so. . . I shall have to check back and see if there is one. . .hmmmm. . . no recollection of it.

JustinO'Shea said...

YES. Now I remember. I DID remove one of your posts. This is what I wanted to say to you at the time:

When you can make your point without bullying. . . me and others, and when you can make it without being mean and nasty I will welcome your post, as I have in the past, among those others who read and post here. It is my blog and I am not obliged to post what I consider offensive and inappropriate. Nor am I obligated to publish your harsh and mean assessment of me personally.

Gary Kelly said...

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Coop said...

Perry is the hero of the Apostolic church/God's republic on earth squad. I believe that. I also think the religion is a big part of Perry the candidate... but it's not the whole thing. There's the other stuff I mentioned too-day. Justin thinks that religion is the big picture. The whole shabang.

Hey Justino, Babe! WE DISAGREE :b~~~ heehee.

JustinO'Shea said...

I guess my communications skills are gravely deficient. . . .maybe. . .

However, my dear Coopsta, you miss my point entirely. I've tried different ways to . . . .well, it's okay. . .we shall see what happens. Hopefuly our "seeing" will not be too late.

I am NOT saying religion is the essential issue. . .the issue is the multi-faceted over-all plan for a theocratic nation with the laws of the Old Testament/Hebrew plan being the "law of the land" and all that follows from that.

I've alluded to/said it over and over. . . it is OK to disagree with me. . .to be encouraged to disagree, etc. . .but...see ya ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

And RICK PERRY is not the hero. . he is merely a tool. . . Go deeper, beneath the personalities and reg election trappings. . .

J said...

To quote Rhett Butler, Justin, "I apologize for my many shortcomings." I honestly didn't think I was being mean to you personally in that now uncensored comment, and thank you for printing it so that your readers can make up their own minds. Sometimes I'm scared about what I write, because I can't recall if my cognitive functions were fatally compromised by the wine I consumed. You may be a liberal, kid, but I still love you. In the last analysis I just want our President to be a true leader who doesn't give a shit if he gets reelected so long as the country in its grave crisis is saved. Lincoln would have embraced the Bowles-Simpson recommendations, come hell or high water.
Now, and completely off the subject, I commend the two hour Frontline documentary that ran tonight, which explores what 9/11 did to the spiritual life of our country. It is magnificent.

JustinO'Shea said...

J. . .The recent post from you which you think/thought I had censored did not arrive in my approval box/site, for some reason, until a few hours ago. Why? No idea.

Tho dated Sept 6, I did not approve and post it until about 3 hours ago.
THAT is not the censored posting I thought you were referring to.

No, the one which I did censor came a few weeks ago. THAT is the one I referred to in my post to you. That one was bullying, etc. . .

Tho I might not agree with all you post this current one dated Sept 6 is not the "culprit". . .LOL

Apology accepted. I do not remember the wording of the censored one. . .suffice to say "it
got my Irish up", , ,and "some dander up, " too. . .tho I do use Head n Shoulders for my locks. LOL

Gary Kelly said...

I've managed to stay outta trouble, J, cos you guys are about half a day behind us, and I make my Dunes comments in the mornings before I hit the plonk. Hehe.

Coop said...

Okay Justino.

Perry is the mouthpiece of this Apostolic church that wants to re-make American life. I get it.
I feel like i'm in a lesson or something. Listen and repeat.

The man is a proselytizing blowhard. I can't stand him for that reason alone. Perry's not universally liked... even among Republicans.
I speak the language Babe. "Perry's not the strongest candidate because..."

Please let everyone who is against Perry's candidacy voice their opposition. "Religion" alone won't get rid of him.

Coop said...

It doesn't matter that I see right through the Rick Perry crap. It doesn't matter if the American people disagree with the Reformed Apostolic church. These people are out to remake this country according to their ideas. If we give them enough power, they will do it.

I feel like an apologist. Jeeesus!