Saturday, September 3, 2011

Home. . . Home on the Dunes. . . .
Where the Gays and the Lesbians Play
and seldom is heard. . . .
a disparaging word.. . 
And the Skies are not cloudy All Day. . 
Home !  Home . . on the Dunes. . . .!

Peter and I haven't been HOME in very close to one month !
We drove home in his car. . . .no need for two cars for road trips. . . 
It was so damned good. .. GOOD. . .to be HOME on The Cape !
How do you explain it?  It's like this gut feel, right in the very pit of your innards. . .hahahaa. . . yeah, that's it. . . . that very primal feel right deep in the gonads!  hahaaa.  Well, I guess that is graphic enough. . . ;-))

August was a very busy month,  a bit too much coming and going,
and we've both been busy with our stuff. . . .Living chez Mme Bouvier is working out very well. . . .and I like being with Peter
very much. . . .and it seems very comfortable to say he has mutual feelings.  You can tell such things. . . gratefully .   "Wondering. . .
Guessing". . .is not a comfortable place for two guys to live in. . . .
together. . .as in every day. . .same time. . ..same  place. . LOL

I wonder what he is doing right now. . . . well, we are going to hook up later on and do something or other. . .;-)

More later. . . .much love,
           J u s t i n O 


Gary Kelly said...

That's a great shot, JustinO... very nice composition. The fence shadows on the footprinted sand is very effective. Now all you gotta do is get a spirit level and you'll be right. :-P

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Mr K.
There. . .is that 'spirit' level enough ? hahahaaa

First time, I used the blogger formatting for the photo. This time I did it manually. . . eyeball-to-eyeball. . .

Coop said...

Gays and lesbians play? Huh?

Coops is m interested in the single queer Hunkies. {:
See any of those, Justino?

JustinO'Shea said...

Well, Coopsta, the boyz and gurls do not necessarily play together. lol

Most 'hunkies' do not wear a 'single sign". . hehe. . .but you can tell some are 'single' and looking. . .or...just plain looking. . .hehe. ..from body slanguage.

Somewhat sedate crowd. . . even tho at 9 pm there is the announcement it is time for the breeders w/strollers and urchins to bring them home to bed. . .it is now PLAY TIME. . . .lol

Richard said...

September is always my favorite time on the Cape. Smaller crowds to share the beauty with. I believe the week of September 4 is Women's Appreciation Week. Oh well, can't have everything.

Coop said...

I'm a single queer hunky meself :} It's a good status, but I wouldn't mind changing it.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey Quee-ah Hunksta. . . are you advertizing anywhere? huh. .. huh, , ,, huh. . . huh ?

Any bites? nip. . .nip. . .nip. . LOL

I bet the Lautner doesn't read want-ads. . hahaaa

J said...

"Breeders" and "urchins"? Somewhere in the recesses of your Jungian self, wouldn't you like to have a child of your own?

JustinO'Shea said...

YESSSSS. Definitely.

Being drawn to the 'healing profession' and working in the areas of teaching, listening, nurturing is a fulfillment of the innate need to 'father'. . .to share and foster life, to call forth into a fuller life, to reproduce myself inherent in varying degrees in all humans -- in, with, thru another person.

Since human growth doesn't happen in a vacuum. . . .Mother Nature abhors vacuums . . .we need the growth in each of many and varied
aspects of our human 'expression'.

BTW "Urchins" and "breeders" are not pejorative words in my vocab. . they express a lot of affection, humor and attachment. I realize my need to explain this tells me I ought to discover/use different words.

J. . thanks for asking. . ;-)

What am I doing up at this hour? I went to bed much earlier. . . this is something which started a while ago. . .my series of "naps". .As another allied sitz is being attended to, hopefully this will resolve itself also. ;-)

Coop said...

Justino you'd be a good father.

I doubt anything scares me more... ME having responsibility for the growth and development of a precious young life?
Lucky for me it will never happen by accident {:

J said...

You and I both need to attend a sleep clinic (altough the thought of wearing one of those mechanical masks is abhorrent).

JustinO'Shea said...

Eeewwww an Iron Mask. . .like the Prisoner of Zenda! I don't care either to be attached to wires and people peering at my as I tried to sleep. . . .

Did you sleep problem start young?
I hope this is merely a temporary sitz.

J said...

I think it has always been there, but obstructive sleep apnea is more prevalent as you get older. They say the surest indicium of future sleep problems is a thick neck. Mine is 16 1/2 inches,and that is clearly a problem size. I've been putting this off for a while, but have decided to address it. As for masks, they might be a buzz kill if you sleep in the same bed, unless Peter likes the idea of sleeping with Darth Vader.

JustinO'Shea said...

Oh my ! Darth Vader !!!
ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa. . . If on is into kinky. . . . . ho ho ho

JustinO'Shea said...

BRO Coopsta. . . . Thanks for your thinking and telling me you think I'd be a good dad! I certainly hope so.

First reaction to being afraid of that. . . .it struck me as "odd". . .but when I stopped to look it over, I can see where your feelings might come from.

While being a father is not something I fear . . .as I think about it more I see why one would ponder this. . ..even a lot. . certainly not take it lightly. While parenting does have a LOT of responsibility, I hadn't classed it as one to be feared. . .. hmmm. . . maybe I will do some more thinking. . . .LOL

Well, we're not rushing anything. . .anyway. . . ;-))

Coop said...

Justino, Bro

I don't think it's FEAR. A feeling of intimidation maybe... self doubt about an awesome responsibility. Something not to take lightly.
Mind, I haven't decided not to be a Dad. :)

I'm pondering your thoughts about nurturing and fostering life... that's tied to the innate need to be a "Father".