Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gotta love those nuns

Richard sent this along. . . .;-))

I thought of you when I read this in a group which I follow:
This video reminds me of a funny high school moment here in France when I was 15-16 years old, circa 1969-1970.

After showering, two of us began playing the same game, stark naked and running out of the shower room while an old nun was walking in the corridor. She was going to our school's kitchen where she helped to cook. Athletic and well-hung, our mates were rather proud of their bodies and "equipments".

The nun was maybe 80 years old, so she was around 25-30 during WWI and 50-55 during WWII.

She looked like an old Iranian woman in a chador, had round old-fashioned small glasses on her big round nose. We nicknamed her "castor bigleux" ("poorly-sighted beaver") because she looked very much like a beaver wearing glasses on her tiny eyes. She was abrupt and never smiled. On the attached toon, I tried to reproduce her as faithfully as possible.

When both guys crossed her way, all three of them suddenly stopped. We other guys, already dressed again, were anxiously watching that surreal scene.

But she quietly watched them from hair to toes while they mockingly faced her and she said : "You know gentlemen, I’ve been a nurse during both World Wars so I've seen hundreds of them... most of which were far bigger and prettier than yours, by the way". And she quietly carried on her way...



GreginAdelaide said...

"This video"....???

Anyway, the old lady says she's seen much prettier ones....I've never thought of the equipment that I do "pretty".

"Nice", Tempting", "Desirable", "Delicious", "Tasty", "Sweet", "Cute" ...yes....but pretty? That word has never been on the tip of my tongue so to speak, when I have viewed equipment.

Come to think of it, some other words have been on my mind when I've viewed some ...."Scary", "Monster", "Fierce", "Fat", "Whoa!" "Run Away!" ....etc

Hmmm...but I'll look on the positive side... I don't have the same point of view as an 80 year old nun,and that's got to be good!

Gary Kelly said...

When I was in primary school run by the Sisters of St Joseph, the boy's loo was out in the yard. It had a high wall against which one peed. Naturally, boys being boys, the challenge was to pee over the top of the wall. One boy succeeded as a nun passed by. Hehe.

Say no more.