Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WHAT. . . WHO. . . .. huh???

As an existentialist psychologist I take exception, Coopsta Duude, with your choice of the words "define what I am".

Why? WHAT designates a thing, an object. WHO, on the other hand shows a person.
There is far too much de-personalization, therefore de-humanizing in our society for our general mental and emotional health.

When we objectify a person we USE that person. Person-to-person is about relationship: the inter-active dynamic in human growth and living. "We use things; we love persons." . . .unfortunately it is often the other way round.

Thus growth is stunted, emotional fulfillment is crippled. One of the things I object to in the game wars online. Here the characters are objects, things. The greater the cruel, destructive carnage too often rates the 'success' of the so called 'game'. Hours spent daily in this kind of activity cannot but influence, shape a kid's mind and concepts of the meanings of life and the crown of life - loving relationships. What goes on in his cyber-world cannot but influence and even shape his M.O.. . .his ways of coping with reality.

So my dear Coopsta, NorthShore soul mate, you are never ever a WHAT. You are most always and eminently a WHO.  "We use WHATS and we love WHOS."

End of Tuesday's Psych 101 class.
Justin o' the Dunes
September 27, 2011 8:14 AM


Coop said...

Coops wasn't paying attention in Tuesday's Psych 101 class. He was doodling "I heart Taylor Lautner" all over his notepad.

:-p ~~~~

GreginAdelaide said...


Coop said...

I think the part about objectifying persons was informative.

Since we are editing, soulmate: The guy in the suit... his name is Stephen Colbert. not Chris.

JustinO'Shea said...

Chris. . .? Stephan. . .? Colbert, correct. Close enough. . coming from the Janitor aka DoorKeeper. . . So you knew whom I meant. hehe

Sorry if I offended you in the Who/What segment. It was a great example for a "teaching moment". . .and it was all in your favor.

Perhaps I shall try to be more 'guarded' . . . . maybe. . . hehe

Coop said...

I'm being funny, silly. NO offense what so EVER!