Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Gay Contritution to Culture, Society

I invite you to give this a 'listen'. . . I found this uplifting, inspiring,
fun, I laughed a lot!  Hope you will too...    justin


Richard said...

Loved it! I actually watche the full service. The Turtle Creek Chorale is magnificent. The whole experience almost made me want to join them in Dallas. Well, almost. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Richard. . .in my "business" I am always looking for the 'why?'. . the "what is happening?. . .why?"

Like. . "Whenever we posit an act. . feel a reaction and respond. . .we are fulfilling a need. . in some way."

My reaction to Dr Guess' talk was one of "fun". . .and also, deeper, it helped fill a need to "feel good" and healthfully register my positive reaction to this
particular event, to these ideas, expressed in a 'church gathering'. . .not in the actual building but in the gathering of these people who, judging from the applause, laughter, listening, manifest a common/similar response and thus form - as in cause - 'church' to be present. .. they are church.

And as Jesus taught "whenever two or more gather together in my name there I am among them, with them. ." and 'church' is happening.

Part of Turtle Creek is to be accepting of others, in this case of those 'gay others' who are a part of this community-come-together: to appreciate, accept, respond to the contributions to our communal response to God who calls us together to be 'church' in this particular time and place, and all the rest.

Make any sense? Or just more gobblely-gook masquerading as something vital and important?


Gary Kelly said...

You're becoming more articulate in your old age, JustinO.

JustinO'Shea said...

Articulate, Gary? Or. . .just using the psycho-jargon of the academic environs? LOL

Stew said...

My favorite sermons are the ones that speak to the people. Not above them, to them. I feel that he's done that here.

There's something to be said for the structure that many churches have. But when people feel like they are a part of the church, the church becomes a part of them. When that happens, the structure and respect comes naturally.