Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday AM Editorial: "How ya like them apples?" ;-) Monday Morning Quarterbacking. . .

And the COOPSTA. . .athletic supporter of the Boston Red Sox announces "This is APPLE eating season in New England."

Ya hear the brouhaha Dr OZ caused last week on his TV show by reporting on the presence of ARSENIC in apple juice? Seems most of the apples used to make apple juice in the USA is imported from CHINA! Imagine!

AND the USFAD checks only 2% of those apples imported! Regardless of the noise: there is arsenic in the juice. And China uses a fertilizer containing arsenic. Sweet.

Some of the opposition to OZ say the apple juice is essentially safe to drink. Nice. How many of you would buy tires for your car that are "essentially safe"? Or enter a marriage when the partner is "essentially faithful". Even our speech betrays their claims. hehe

So, COOPSTA, is New England APPLE CIDER arsenic free? "Essentially arsenic-free?" hmmmm?

And how did the RED SOX do yesterday?  The O'Shea News Wires already reporting that my brother and his buddies, great Red Sox jock supporters, were "front n center" at Fenway, joining in all the noise and lubed hooplaaa. . that 30'something crowd are a rowdy bunch. . . .LOL

The PATRIOTS did a great job with the SanDiego CHARGERS yesterday afternoon and the crowd was real "rowdy" for the 4:15pm game.. .Must've heeded Tom Brady's advice to start drinking early. . "git all lubed up" so as to provide the background for Brady to strut his stuff. .and he strutted'.

Brady still got his "Moxie" at Foxboro. . . .;-) Baaaaaa- naaaaaaaaa - naaaaaaaaaaaaa. lol 

Justin O'Shea, editor-whats-in-charge. . . .hehe

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Joe finally home after three of first surgery, then the morphine, drug days after the surgery, guess I didn't know where I was, took more than a week to come out of druggie world. I am still going for physicaL therapy, hope it won't be more than 2 weeks. This old body has a rough time with all the stuff they give to you. I noticed that you never mentioned the rag-tagged team of the Tampa
Bay Rays. They hurt Boston to no
end--sorry about that, and my home
team of the Detroit Tigers are taking their Division for the playoffs.
Great to be back. Oh I do love your
Patriots, Brady is a God Send. And
he is Gay Friendly. Thanks for all your Love and Prayers, hope I don't have anymore surgeries, enough is enough.