Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, Tinker-Beau flies with Peter Pan in faeries tales, but in real life Justin cannot walk in space, two feet from the floor! ;-)

Yesterday afternoon, we had one last 8'x4' drywall board to finish the ceiling. We were doing great time. . . .until I walked off the plank, holding the sheet rock above me, over my head, placing it. . . .I thought. Down i went, trying to break the fall. . .I fell on my right hand unfortunately attached to my right shoulder which had been wrecked a couple years ago in a ski accident which tore the four rotator cuff muscles, pulled my arm out of that socket, crushing 90% the anxial nerve which supplies power to my upper arm/shoulder. A palsied arm. . ..which fortunately healed itself, after the surgeon sewed the muscles and titanium-nailed them to the arm bone. He told me he could fix my shoulder very well. . . ".but only God can restore that nerve!" And God did!

As I lay there covered with broken sheet rock I did an examination of my arm and shoulder. . . Dr O'Shea diagnosed a bad wrist sprain and no apparent damage to my shoulder. . .just bad bruises.

A trip down-Cape to trauma center ER. Xrays and exam revealed no new damage; just bruises. "A sprain is more painful than a fracture." And I am sore, sore like hell. . . .and now "on vacation" for a few days. damn! ;-)

SO, voila! The latest news in the fantabulous life of one dry-wall hanger with a happy grateful heart and a life filled with fantastic people.



Jack Greenman said...

OUCH. Glad you came away with only body and ego bruises =p Now I bid you a goodnight... because its 4am and I just got home!


Stew said...

Not the way a person likes to finish a job or start a few days off at all. But, at least you're OK. Try to enjoy the time off that God has given you. I guess hand stands at the beach are out this week.

Jabacue said...

Get out of here! Lucky you to not have something broken....again. Must be all that exercise in carrying those sheets of drywall that has saved you. Now, sit back and let the mending begin. Take care.

JustinO'Shea said...

Awwww geeez, you guys. . . yeah, got it. . yesterday it was my pride that seemed hurt the most. . .today I hurt ALL over. . .hehehe. . know something. . it even hurts to type! Pity. hahaha


Jabacue said...

Guess we should count our blessing,eh? (kidding)

PhotosbyErich said...

Okay.. So now it's time to order some Tiger Balm for Justin to fix him up (pat pat)! So sorry to hear that you were hurt but offering a prayer of thanks that you were spared something worse.

With my hopes you're feeling better soon.

Gary Kelly said...

Well, that's one way to get more comments than usual. :-P

Gary Kelly said...

I forgot to ask... has Peter sent you flowers and a get well card?

JustinO'Shea said...

SENT?????? NO
Peter comes in person. . . .;-)