Saturday, June 19, 2010


I met this guy a couple afternoons ago wandering around the Dunes and hanging out down on the beach below our place. He looked as if he were at the end of his rope. . .to coin a phrase. . . We started some very casual and generic chat. . . . .which began to get more specific as time passed. He really seemed in need of someone to listen to him, so listen I did.. . . .only adding ideas as seemed appropriate. (Now, for me, that is real virtue! hahaa. . .something I am working on. . really)

He is younger-looking than his real age. I thought at first he was a teenager. Mid-20s, works in town, seasonal. From small town, western Pennsylvania. Is he gay? Yep. He works in an eatery Peter and I often enough frequent. He said he had asked around who and what I might be. . .LOL. Then he came looking to see if we might meet so he could talk. . . yep, talk. . .he'd learned I was studying psychology.

Anyway, we talked the rest of the afternoon. . . .then I drove him back to town as I was meeting Peter for supper and a sweet hang-out evening. He came back yesterday afternoon. . .this time pre-arranged and not the chancey meeting.

This is not therapy. . . as I am not licensed damned close. LOL Basically we talked gay-guy-talk, who we are, why, how, what, etc etc. He had come to the Cape early May, with a broken heart, looking for work, etc.
The heart is healing. . . .

I've reflected how this all happened. . . .another instance of our instinctual seeking out the help we know we need. . .and how things fall into place. I guess one thing I would say is that we eventually get what we want, need and are looking for. . . if we keep our eyes open. . .usually the "answers" are right in front of us, we're "tripping over them". . ..and often all it takes is someone else to say "Hey. . LOOK. . .there. . .now." LOL

I shared stuff from my own life experience, things I've learned in psych.
Oh yes, BTW, I told him about my blog and asked if it was okay to write a bit about our meeting, without revealing much of anything about him.
He said I could even add his photo, if I wanted to, LOL I didn't question that. . . .taking gratefully what I am offered.

Good stuff happens. . . if you just show up. . . hahaaaa



Stew said...

Nice of you to help someone in need. Doesn't hurt that he's cute.

JustinO'Shea said...

But of course. . .'tis always easier. . ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Well, well, well... you can tell that young bloke that he's just won the Gary Kelly Scrumptious Award for wicked shoulders and a cute nose.

As for you, JustinO, you've just won the Gary Kelly Yummy Neighbor Award for being such a caring person.

Oh... and tell him his jeans need ironing.

PhotosbyErich said...

Counseling is, indeed, your calling Justin. :-)

Coop said...

You're a nice guy, Just-in ;-)

J said...

I am puzzled. Why again did he come to seek you out? I suspect it is good that this encounter is not a professional one, because a guy who looks like that could tempt one to lose his license. This will indeed be a test for you!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, A lot of people don't seek help. They feel like they can solve a problem on their own or that it will pass.
They don't want to seem weakened or bothered by anything.

Coop said...

I don't think this will be a test for you, Justin ;-). Yes, this guy is on the cute side. But, you (Justin) are happily *almost married.* LOL

Jack Greenman said...

Aha, now I understand the more recent post. Serves me right for not paying attention. I'm glad that he found you, that he has found someone he can talk to and open up to, that is so important in life, especially for those who have been damaged in some way. and he is Cute.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey Jack. Nice to hear from you again! And that you are still "on top" of things. . ;-)

Funny how things work, but I am glad I happened to be on scene when Dunes Wanderer wandered in. . .hehe. . when he needed someone to talk with, especially when he had come to find me. Just the fact of being there and free to listen to his story and just hang out together. So my 'space walking' had some good effects. LOL