Monday, June 21, 2010

I OWE. . .I OWE. . it's off to work I go. . . .;-)

Yes, the enforced vacation is over and I am heading back to work. Feeling OK. Wrist seems fine, etc. It will be good to have some more structure in my life.

Thanks for your interest and cautions re: my Dunes Wanderer. In classes and various sessions there is much emphasis on Professional Ethics. In recent years, due to divergent circumstances, there has been much attention paid to this professionalism both by educators and the various vulture media.

An allegation of any kind of impropriety, provable or not, is enough to put one's professional future in jeopardy,including loss of license and a smirched record. Similar to allegations made against clergypersons of betrayal of trust, and the ensuing sex abuse scandal, the various service professions have all had allegations made, and damage following, etc.

So I am well aware of boundaries and ethical practices. Dune Wanderer is safe with me because of my own personal convictions and discipline. I am not a predator. hehe I do know and observe boundaries.

After our conversations and the personal issues he has disclosed making any type of improper moves or overtures would be gross violation of my own professional ethics. It would be a betrayal of what I believe and discipline myself to maintain.

I appreciate your concerns and care for me. Thank you. I write this so you do not worry. ;-)




Coop said...

Y'know, it says it a lot when good-looking people are valued cause they're Pretty and not on their basic human-ness or their talents that can enrich society.
This wanderer is museum quality pretty; and he has been hurt.
It tugs at the heart-strings.

Similarly (I guess), In one of the Gay2gether articles; it was mentioned that Hung guys are too often viewed only as the life-support for their dicks.
I'm a realist... I know such sh*t goes on. That doesn't mean I don't scratch my head {skull} over it.
I hope this wanderer finds lasting happiness. If he truly is a good person; he deserves it.

That said... it's happy thought time. Does anyone ever tell you how Cute YOU are, Justin?? *blushing*

JustinO'Shea said...

THANKS, Coop. . . . .;-)

B L U S H I N G !

PhotosbyErich said...

I second Coop's observation... (about yur cuteness Justin.)

We're all glad yur feeling better even if it means you hafta go back to work today. ;-)

Gary Kelly said...

Welcome back to work, JustinO.

Now, about all this professional ethics business. What happens if you fall madly in love with a client? How do you distinguish between that person being a lover as well as a client?

As to that photo of you, hehe, you look like a scallywag to me... someone who's about to ask me for a loan. :-P

J said...

The first question would be what is behind the pretty face: A narcissistic superannuated twink with emotional problems and no fixed employment or goals? What a bummer.

Jack Greenman said...

I'm glad you're back to work mate, I'm slightly lost to the rest of your post, but I'm pretty heavily medicated right now so I'll go back to it when I can think straight. But you are, to agree with Coop, Super cute.