Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some thoughts on REJECTION SUCKS . . .

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Hey Guys and Gals:...... . .another good article...for me. Hope someone[s] else find it so also.

The simple practical steps / attitudes he suggests are a good reality check. Before I posted this I did my homework. . . .no morning classes so I could spend time taking care of me! ;-)

I wrote down the feelings I am dealing with. . . .Peter and I are not 'officially broke up'. . we are still an item. . ..BUT since that lousy end of the weekend three weeks ago, and even tho he came here last weekend to talk and be together. . .I feel myself more withdrawn. . .like my famous tiger image. . .I've crawled into my safe cave to lick my wounds and heal from the surprised hurt.

I don't want to be hurt by him. . and he did hurt me. A part of my wants to stand tall and stare him down: HOW DARE YOU, Mr. Baker-Fisher-Man treat me like that! HOW DARE YOU, Peter, say to me what you said in rage?! HOW DARE YOU hurt me like that?!

Am I angry? YES. . Anger is my defense mechanism to protect myself. I do not want to hurt Peter in return. AM I afraid if I did I'd have nothing left? NO! I just do not want to inflict pain on someone I do love. . .as much as I am capable so far. I am still 'in process', Mr Kelly. LOL

Using the steps the Love Coach suggests I do realize something very positive: I am not as bad off emotionally as I might feel.

And I am recalling this too: Feeling are neither good nor bad; neither moral nor immoral: feelings are facts. My feelings tell me something about myself, my reactions. I have the CHOICE to act or react or NOT. That choice is in my own hands. . .no one else's.

A wise older friend. . .who has lived life and survived nicely [and is still living nicely! lol]
suggested that we let the week 'lie fallow' [aka "leave it alone"] and see what happens. Wisdom there, I believe.

I shall do this. . . and not try to force a 'solution'. . .I am gonna be 'green', 'organic'. .hahahaa. . and let it unfold. . no added toxins. . LOL

May our hearts be merry. . .all of us!


Gary Kelly said...

They say that kids have no fear because that's the way they learn. They're always getting themselves into pickles and risking life and limb in their relentless pursuit of... whatever it is they're pursuing. Yes, works in progress.

And that's why you can't put an old head on young shoulders.

A wise old man once said, if a young person thinks I'm wise, it's because he agrees with me. Hehe.

J said...

To employ Ezra Pound's lines, you offer succulent cooking, but the door has a creaky latch. Don't worry. You have to many gifts to be left alone for long.