Thursday, March 18, 2010

CARL JUNG / some personal observations

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung

There have been some interesting comments and personal ideas about this quote. Jung was an Austrian analyst who 'took us beyond Sigmund Freud. . ." In Jungian school more emphasis is placed on the union of 'body, mind and spirit' and how interconnected these elements are. If you google 'Carl Jung' you can find much more about him.

I would like to share/repeat my comments on this quite from him and see if this evokes some further insights and discussion on this. Thanks in advance. . .justin.

Dr Jung's words leave openness for various emphais in meaninng.

For me, Jung's idea that by looking inside ourselves we awaken to the real 'me'. . . ."where your treasure is, there your heart rests". Our inner thoughts keep going back to who/what we really are, want, desire, need. . .

As example: listen to your sleep dreams; they all have meaning...and
ALL the persons in the dream are some aspect of ME. Sleep dreams are conversations we have with ourselves. . .about our emotional life- - -who I really am, want, desire, need.

Excessive exteriority, without a balance of interiority, may/will distract me from, cover up the real issues. . and I'll spend my time "chasing butterflies" instead of dealing with the 'dragons' within, taming the savage beast.

I do not know if the author of and director of AVATAR itended this. . but the 2 elements are at the center of the story: the emphasis on power, control, force, destroy by the military is that exaggerated exteriority. . .

The AVATARS are shown as very much in touch with their highly developed interiority, at peace with and in harmony with their beautiful world.

The ANDROID is caught between the two. . .the struggle is on. . .When the lovely lady Avatar screams at him "You'll never be one of us!" her frustration is high: he doesn't listen to the nature within and all around him.

In a real sense We are those characters, from both sides.

Just some of my thoughts on the quote from Carl Jung.


March 17, 2010 1:18 PM



J said...

This reminds me of an incident that happened years ago at a rock concert. The promoters thought the proceedings would best get underway with a period of transcendental meditation led by an East Indian guru, who assumed the lotus position on the stage amid his rose pedals and incense and told the crowd, "Let us now forget our outwardness and embrace our inwardness." When he said that, someone in the crowd bawled out, "Fuck no! Let's boogie!" And the crowd roared its approval. I'm afraid the poor man never regained his composure. If there's a moral to the story it must be that a speaker should always consider his audience and the venue.

Gary Kelly said...

I love what J wrote. :)

Yes, all this inner self and outer self business. It's all metaphorical. There's only one body part that is central to everything about us, and that's the Central Processing Unit. All the other bits come in handy, of course, but the CPU is where it's at. The brain.

Freud knew that. Jung was more into flowery poetry and metaphors.

JustinO'Shea said...

Pooh pooh, GARY. . in spite of what you like to say, there is far more to you that the inner cvs and brain. . . .say all you want you DO use you interiority and exteriority. . inward and outward. . . .definitely.
So poo poo not. ;-))) and ignore at your own peril! LOL