Monday, March 15, 2010


"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung


Gary Kelly said...

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your atria, ventricals and the cardiac circulatory system.

Jack Greenman said...

It's a nice sentiment.

I prefer to look into myself for my dreams, my passions, and my love - and to push forward in an attempt to achieve them.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey JackMan. . . How ya doin'. . been a while. ;-)

Aren't you and Dr Jung saying about the same thing? You're flyin' with eagles! ;-) seems to me. . .

Jack Greenman said...

Hiya Justin,

Ya it's been a while. Been a rough last few weeks, and they're trying me on new meds which have been followed by interesting side effects. I'm good though, I'm alive haha, doing better than a lot of people so I can't complain.

I guess we are saying about the same thing. I guess its semantics (right word?). His wording bothers me for some reason. Your quote reminded me of something one of the men I am inspired by said:

"Those who dream by night, in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes, and make it possible" - T.E. Lawrence

I realize that Carl Jung's statement and Lawrence's are very different, my fascination here is society - and who you are around and what situation you are in.

Jung's statement (I don't know anything about the man) seems to be something that would be said when he is dreaming of peace, and to use a description that has sadly become somewhat cliche - Hippies.

Lawrence was involved in the Army, fighting, liberating, orchestrating unity with the desert tribes in order to help the English win a war - so the people he was surrounded by, as well as himself - its like 'complete power cururpts completely' or how ever that went.

Jung's statement seems to be directed to people who dream of peace - Lawrence's at people who dream of power...

I'm not trying to make a point, its more food for thought. I find this sort of stuff fascinating - unfortunately my mind is pretty dull right now from these blasted meds. In my head what I wrote makes sense - if it does here, I don't know.

Coop said...

Could it be that some of us spend too much time wishing we were something/somebody other than ourselves? Spending too much time dreaming about what a person is not can lead to a let down. If we get in touch with Ourself we can discover what we CAN achieve.

Is it just me or am I talking in circles. Doing a lot of bizness today.
Check your e-mail, O'Shea ;-)

JustinO'Shea said...

Dr Jung's words leave openness for various emphais in meaninng.

For me, Jung's idea that by looking inside ourselves we awaken to the real 'me'. . . ."where your treasure is, there your heart rests". Our inner thoughts keep going back to who/what we really are, want, desire, need. . .

As example: listen to your sleep dreams; they all have meaning...and
ALL the persons in the dream are some aspect of ME. Sleep dreams are conversations we have with ourselves. . .about our emotional life- - -who I really am, want, desire, need.

Excessive exteriority, without a balance of interiority, may/will distract me from, cover up the real issues. . and I'll spend my time "chasing butterflies" instead of dealing with the 'dragons' within, taming the savage beast.

I do not know if the author of and director of AVATAR itended this. . but the 2 elements are at the center of the story: the emphasis on power, control, force, destroy by the military is that exaggerated exteriority. . .

The AVATARS are shown as very much in touch with their highly developed interiority, at peace with and in harmony with their beautiful world.

The ANDROID is caught between the two. . .the struggle is on. . .When the lovely lady Avatar screams at him "You'll never be one of us!" her frustration is high: he doesn't listen to the nature within and all around him.

In a real sense We are those characters, from both sides.

Just some of my thoughts on the quote from Carl Jung.