Sunday, March 7, 2010


HELLO Everybody. I've been playing "hookey" from lots of things lately. Time to get back to work. . . . Thursday late morning I decided I had had quite enough, thank you very much. So I went home, had a quick lunch with Gramm, threw some stuff in my lovely matched Italian luggage ( plastic bags from the supermarket, LOL) and headed off toward Boston and then down Route 3 to the Cape Cod Canal and the much-used and very ancient Sagamore Bridge, 1935 vintange. Once you cross the bridge you leave the "mainland" and are on "The Cape" - this arm-shaped appendage reaching out into the Atlantic, headed East, which suddenly bends at the elbow and head North to Provincetown, about 20 miles from the elbow. Our home is in "the elbow". There is one highway Route 6, the left side of the Cape is known as Cape Cod Bay.

From our home we can see both sides of the Cape but we are more on the open Atlantic side. My large room faces South and West with six large windows. A great place to sit and look. . ..sunny days the room is warmed by the sun; at night often enough the room is awash in moonlight. . . . .

This weekend I needed to be at home. Last weekend Peter needed to be with me at school. That was a good weekend, with the 'mending of the trampled fence', as it were. We needed to patch things up, make up and make out a bit too. Things went well. We did a lot of talking and listening
to one another. I think when Peter left I did my 'usual' -- I crawled into my
den, like the wounded Tiger, to lick my wounds and heal. The 'wound' is healing, but the scar is still a tad sore. . . .

I didn't tell anyone I was coming: I just showed up for supper. . . .always
plenty to eat at O'Sheas. LOL I didn't call Peter that night. After chatting
with my parents I went up to my room and sat looking out into the darkenss
I opened a window and listened to the waves crashing on the beach down
below the house. I didn't turn on any lights. . . I just sat a good time. . .
then I was ready for bed.

The next morning, Friday, I headed North to Provincetown. I was kinda surprised by the number of people out and about on Commercian St. I
found a parking place close by and headed for The Portugese Bakery. . . .. .

Peter was working "out front" waiting on customers. Without looking up he
said "Yes?" So I told him "Coffee and an elephant ear." His head snapped up at the sound of my voice, grinned from ear to ear and was around that counter faster'n you can say "Justin O'Shea!" What a HUG!!! You can do that freely in P'town! hahaa. . . It felt so good and right, then and there, with our arms around each other! Oooooooooooooooh YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

I fixed the coffee, he got the elephant ears, put on his coat and called out "I'm on break"and we headed diagonally across the street to the benches
which make the corner by the Town Hall. It was already 42*F. . .there we sat and drank our coffee and talked a mile a minute! ;-) "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?". . . "I wanted to surprise you!". . . "How long are you here for. .. ?". . . . "Till I go back!" And so it went. . .sitting there on "my" street, with my guy, I just knew deep in my gut everything is OK. . .we are tres cool. . .hahahaa

Friday night we didn't go home to eat with family. . .we went to Clem and Ursie's and dined elegantly on cod-dipped-in-batter and fried, and sweet potato french fries with dabs of ketchup. I had Sierra Mist and Peter drank Cokes. . . .and we just talked and enjoyed each other. . .laughed a lot. . .you know. . .that relieved kind of laughing. . . ."All will be well. . . .All manner of things will be well. Amen".

Eventually I drove Peter home, as he had re-arranged shifts and took the 4 a.m. open-up bakery shift so he wouldn't have to get up early Sunday morning. And we could have as late as we wished Saturday night. . . . . . . .
And so we did.

Last night we had supper with Peter's family. . .always fun time. . .large family. . .lots of hugging. . .big kiss from Mama DaSilva and a hug from Papa. .
lots of wonderful food. . . . .the memory of which makes me remember I am hungry now. After supper and helping Mama with the dishes. . in fact WE did the dishes. . . we drove home to O'Shea's to spend the evening. . . It was simple, it was comfortable, it was nice. . . .

This morning we went to 10 o'clock Mass with my parents at St Peter's in Provincetown. . . ..and the homily was even good! Then home for Mom's de riguer Sunday brunch. This was fun too, and comfortable time. After that I drove Peter home, but we stopped first at Race Point to walk on the beach a while, holding hands, not a lot of chatter, just being together. . . . . . . . . . . .

Then home to DaSilvas and a quick kiss goodbye [you know that comes from 'God be with ye',. . . .] and back to 'the ELbow'. I want to type this up and post it before I head out. I hope you've sensed and shared a bit of my peaceful happy heart. . . .The Tiger is out of his den!

ciao, ciao. . ..


J said...

What a great story, Justin. Sure sounds like the crisis is over.

Gary Kelly said...

I see... any bridge that's just 9 years older than me is vintage and ancient.

A lovely story, Justino, and one with which I can identify. I've been there. At the time I didn't realize that it wouldn't last forever, and when it didn't I was shattered because I didn't know any better.

Now I understand that all experiences are worthwhile if you use them to your advantage. No one breezes through life without his share of ups and downs. Once you accept that, you're bullet proof.

Always make the most of what you have, Justin, no matter what it is you have at any given time.

Anonymous said...

Aww, i read with a tears in my eyes. It is so nice to hear great stories of the hurt being healed by love and understanding. Peace to you and Peter.

Coop said...

I'm very happy for the both of you :)

The famous Clam Box is open again up this a way. It's been a beautiful weekend.

And, Justin, I've been hearing the uninitated getting all "giddy" about Spring being on its way. In early March!!!
We're New England lifers, so we know better, right?? ;-)

Stew said...

Suprise visits are the best. And moments like those are what makes it all worth while.
You've got something special inside and it's nice to share it with the ones that you love. Now your batteries are recharged and you can focus better on daily life.
Just remember to recharge often.