Sunday, March 21, 2010


Home again chez Mme Bouvier. The decision made at 4:30 am yesterday was a decision well-taken. Yesterday was a wonderful day. . . filled with fun, talking, being quiet together, really present to each other, lots of laughter and joy. . . . Then this afternoon i had to say Good Bye and hit the road, leaving my DoughBoy at home. . . .

I feel very quiet this evening. . . . kinda lonely but not sad. . .just knowing I am here and Peter is there. . . hearts together over the miles, 'love knows no miles, no distance. . .'

Tomorrow back to school and lots to do. . . .life to live and love and enjoy!


J said...

you gave us a glum picture for your sad message. Someone needs to tickle you, then take the picture.

Anonymous said...

Justin, long distance relationships can hurt the heart but your heart is good and strong for the one you love. I wish you happiness and peace, those together with love will win over the heartache.

Gary Kelly said...

So when are you gonna post success tips for singles?

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY, I am leaving that for you. . .tips for singles. . .from your ongoing comments I gather you are very experienced in that field.

Just teasing you, Gary. . . that is a full time job writing for singles, wouldn't you say?

Thanks for your regular comments. When you don't post for a few days I worry a bit, hoping you are OK.

Take good care.


Gary Kelly said...

No worries, Justin. I've been in touch with Pete (Pearly Pete, I call him... he's a mate of mine) and asked him to let you know if I fall off the perch unexpectedly. I said, Pete, do you know Justin O'Shea? and he said, you mean the Dunes bloke from Provincetown? I said yeah, and he said yeah, I read his blog every day. I said well he worries about me, you know, me being an old bloke and everything, and he thinks I'm gonna cark it any second, so I'd appreciate it if you could let him know if I roll up the tent. No worries, Gazza, he said, I'll write an entry on his blog and let him know. Cool, I said, but make sure you sign it Pearly Pete otherwise he won't know who it's from.

So there ya go, Justin, it's all taken care of.

JustinO'Shea said...

Aaaawwww, THANKS, Gary. . . nice of you. So Pearly Pete . . .OK.

Once upon a time -- all good tales begin that way. . . .Once upon a time two middle-aged ladies were chatting AT one another. . .Says one to the other "Oh why don't you act your age?! You try to act like 'Sweet 16' when you're more like Lady MacBeth!"

"Well, then, tell me. . How old do you think I am ?!

"Oooooohhh,. hmmmm. . .somewhere between 40 and death! "

Sooo, I do have concern for "kith 'n kin", ya know. ;-)