Saturday, March 20, 2010


I slept restlessly last night and decided around 5 am to bag the sleep thing, get up and set out on ROAD TRIP. I wanted to go home! I wrote Gramm a note. . . .told her I was "following my dreams and like Tinkerbeau I was flying the coop!"

I stopped at a 7/11 got large hot coffee and a couple fresh apple turnovers still warm, gassed up, and hit the road. . ..still a little dark but the morning light was outlining the mountains. No traffic. My Midnight Hawk black FIT knows two speeds. . . .town traffice and 80mph highway. I occasionally realize it and slow back down to 70 for a while. . .

I 93 and Boston and the new white modern bridge-lines flash in the morning sun. . .and then into that bloody tunnel which I drive always wondering if a steel plate on the ceiling will let loose and crush me 'n my Fit. . . and out into the daylight of Route 3 South
to the Cape. Few cars. The sane are home of a Saturday morning still snuggled in their beds . . . .and I am bombing my way to the Sagamore Bridge, 1935 vintage.

The most horrible cacaphony of roads falling into a rotary to approach the bridge is somewhat improved. . . .in a few hours it will be impossible 'cause the sane folk still now in bed will have decided to go to the Cape too. . .

Happy to see they haven't sold the bridge and that it is still there to take me over the Cape Cod Canal and onto Route 6 east . Route 6 begins in Provincetown and ends up in San Francisco. . . .from one gay ghetto to another.

I see I've made wonderful time and at 8:40 I am in North Truro on the doorstep of Mecca. . . .Gay Provincetown. I turn off to 6A, the beachroad and notice tourist cars parked here and there at the various lodging places along the beach. . ..which is very wide with the tide out. . .then along Commercial Street. . . .

I listen to the morning sounds of the quiet homes and then the beginning shops for the tourists to buy their various memetos of their weekend in Mecca. . . Some of the older gents, with caps pulled down over their thinning hair, spindly legs sticking out of
baggies, being led by their dogs. . large and small. . .along the brick streets. . . .occasionally the dogs stop to smell the IM left by other dogs as they check their emails. . . .and the Master is diligent with his baggy to pick up the poop. . . as FouFou does her duty. . . .

I find a place to park and make my way quickly to the Portuguese Bakery. . . .walk in. . ..stop. . . look around. . .Mr DaSilva grins and motions with his head to the back work room with all the dough and oven and deep dryers. . . .I go in and there is my BakerBoy up to his elbows in fresh dough, kneading it. . .

I call out Hey, DoughBoy. . .Peter looks surprised and yells back
Hey O'Shea. . .what the hell you want so early in the morning?
. . . ..I reply I want a big hot kiss, baby. . .nothing makes me sick! hahahaaa
Peter grabs me with his doughy hands. . .kisses me hard and we both end up giggling. Says he "Look what you've done. . ..I got flour and dough all over you! Now i gotta go and wash my hands and arms again and get this dough kneaded. . . "

As soon as the dough was ready Jake took over and began cutting the loaves and putting them into pans and into the oven. Peter and I got coffee and and 'elephant ears' and headed out the door to sit around the corner to eat and devour the hot rich coffee. . .
and talk. "I had a feeling you'd show up. . .but when you didnt come last night I figured you got tied up. . . " And says I "Did you take one of your voodoo dolls name it Justin and stick pins in him?.. . . I didnt sleep well at all, toss and turn. . ."

Peter leaned close and whispered something in my ear. . .where it is going to stay! I'm not gonna write that here! heheheh

I ca
lled home later to tell them I was home and would be there for supper and could Peter eat with us too? "Of course...of course. . always nice to have my two boys home. . ." Sweet lady, my mom.

It was a high of 62*F for the first day of Spring at the Ocean. . . .When Peter was done his shift he made some sangwiches and we headed off to Race Point to sit on the beach, close, and chatter full speed! So much to say. . .face to face. . .not the same on blue-tooth. . . the sun felt soooo good. . . .Peter felt soooo goood. I felt soooo good. .LOL
God is was nice there. . nice to be home. . . with Peter. . in my place.
Later we drove home, he had some clean clothes in his backpack. . we showered and changed and lay on the bed and dozed a bit. . .then it was time for supper. . . .Dad was home. . .gave us both a nice comfortable hug and we talked and laughed and told all of our various newses. . hehe. .. .

Peter has 4 am shift tomorrow so I drove him home. .. .no all-nighters. . ..both couldn't bear it. . .we both needed sleep. He could have stayed here but. . . ..we both needed sleep. . .and I didnt really want to drive him to town for 4 am opener.

I decided to write a quick post for the Dunes and now I am off to bed. . ..with a window open listening to the surf down below our Dunes. . .

Sweet dreams. . . zzzzzzzzz



Jack Greenman said...

Road trips are awesome, sounds good man. Your boyfriend sounds pretty awesome, working dough is brilliant - its the best way to make a good loaf of bread.

Never been to Ptown, my buddy Stevie is going to drag me there for some film festival. Haha all my straight friends have been, and I haven't. By any stereotype you could set my brother should have been the gay one.

I donno, forget it, great post man, was happy to read it. Happy for you.

Jabacue said...

Like your blog....very spontaneous.

J said...

All proof positive that spring has arrived.

Gary Kelly said...

Weeeeeeeeeeeeell, I read your piece yesterday and thought, 'what'll I say about that?' And it occurred to me that if you asked me to produce something I wrote when I was your age, I'd have zilch. I dunno even what I was thinking back then! So, Mr JO'S, make sure you store all this stuff away somewhere safe. One day, you'll find it fascinating to re-visit the work in progress way back when the trip had only just begun.

Greg said...

Sweet, very sweet. You paint a great picture J-man, thanks.

Greg in Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks guys, all y'all, for your goo0d comments. I am pleased. Thanks.

Yes, Gary, I am storing some of this for later on. . ."when I grow up. ."
What would you think of a bio-novel "Justin Dunes"?

Just a wild idea pulled out of my head amid the noise of basketball March Madness. . .LOL

ciao ~

Anonymous said...

Justin, why not a novel i am sure it would be a great read. I read your post and kept thinking back to the fact that you have a very understanding family and friends. No specifics but you know where i'm at and the diferences. I love your blog always a good read keep it up champ.

Coop said...

I've never been to this place called Provincetown. I'm not missing anything, am I?

It was a great weekend. I spent time with some of the important people in my life.

Stew said...

I enjoy it when you write from your heart. Very colorful and reminds me of my trip to the cape last year when I was one of those pesky tourist. And I love the idea of a bio (when you grow up).

JustinO'Shea said...

Stew wrote: " And I love the idea of a bio (when you grow up)."

Hmmmm. . .. when will that be? I wonder. . . .hahahaha