Thursday, December 17, 2009

C O L D in the T U N D R A

Hey Troops. . . .here is the current temp for Provincetown. . .-8* C, feels like -18* C. . . . or 18*F. . .feels like 1*F

a tad nippy. . . . .


Gary Kelly said...

Yesterday, here in Taree on the Mid North Coast of NSW Oz, it was 35 C (about 95 F) but further south the temps were in the early 40s C (almost 110 F). A tad warm, you might say. And this is Christmas! Ho ho ho time!

However, Mr O'Shea, be consoled by the fact that willies can only shrink so much. Once your willie reaches its shrinkable limit, no matter how much colder it gets up there in Provincetown, your willie won't shrink any more.


Coop said...


And I'm still laughing over "homo erectus" from Gary's comment on the post below LOLZ

O'Shea doesn't get jealous... he's not the type. Yup, read Justin Dunes first. Uh-huh.

JustinO'Shea said...

COOP Babe. . .hush up ! hahahahaaa

Do you think homo on North Shore and on the Cape will be able to remain erectus thru the Nor'easter heading our way this weekend. . . .or will it hit us?

And. . .what is jolly ole Santa gonna bring you for Christmas? Btw, with the return of pinch-faced Prudism I hear ole Santa is now more subdued than ever at Filene's. . .ho ho ho has become hehehe. . .

Have a Happy. . .waiting for your thesis to be nailed on my door. . ;-)

just in

Coop said...

North Shore is getting 4-7 inches... I have it easy. I'll be homo erectus for sure. P-Town is getting NAILED! Like 2 feet. hohohoho.

I didn't ask St Nick for anything. He knows though... Money, Mercedes, cute dude boyfriend, etc. etc. etc.