Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Greg said...

There is so much I would love to say/comment in response to your wonderful post Justin. It brought to me a heap of pleasant imagery.
I would love to know you better, and I don't mean physically.

To comment and ask questions here would be too public for me.... and to be honest could really only be expressed face to face in a reactive conversation that is not possible like this.
I wish.....nah, ah well....

But of course I only know the one side of the story, and only what you write for public consumption. So, I really don't have a full picture of Peter or your relationship.

It is a great pity that we cannot talk face to face and I could enjoy your impish humour first hand....ha! I love it.

But of course I can only leave that to my imagination. Keep feeding it..haha.

From what I've read, and more importantly from what I've read between the lines, I trust that you have the good sense not to hurt either of you if you two do grow apart. I feel you will always be friends, if you have anything to do with it.

I wish you both all the best and I do, very much, love your style and humour, you do make me smile and laugh, keep it up my friend, you appear to be a special person indeed. In fact I am sure of it.

Greg in Adelaide.


Coop said...

"A Chat with Greg" and "Lost in Love" are running together in my mind.

I think sometimes academics and working folks don't understand each other. The fishermen might wonder how academics can be paid to sit around and think big thoughts whilst the fishermen do dangerous work to make an honest living. And some Academics look at the working class as afraid of change, NOT doing what is "ultimately right" for themselves, maybe being "low brow" etc. To wit, the President made a comment during his campaign about rural folk clinging to God and guns... very unhelpful that is.

The important thing is that Justin and Peter LOVE each other. The two of you grew up in the same place, have the same background, same values, etc. etc. etc. "THE ONLY GIFT I WANT FROM YOU IS THAT YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW AS YOU HAVE YESTERDAY AND AS YOU DO RIGHT NOW." Justino, Question for ya, do all your books TEACH about love, or do they help other people deal with their feelings, anxietys, etc. etc. etc.? I perceive pyschology as helping people with their anxietys.

Are you and Peter worried about each other's acquaintances saying "How could you end up with so and so" because the two of you come from allegedly different worlds? If you love each other and you have stuff in common, then I think the two of you will be happy together. True friends will see the good in each of you and be happy for you. I reckon that you will help balance each other off.

We must all bear the indignity of hanging out with people we don't really like. Some of 'em, I wonder why they're attached to the school of fish I've been running with for eeons. Then there are Friends of Friends of Friends that one somehow winds up stuck with at huge get togethers.
Oy Vey.

Aaaaaand thoughts running into athird post. Quote Gary Don't let people intimidate you about your choices. I'm reading between the lines and sensing your discomfort at times when Peter sees your school friends. "Pssst... Justin's boyfriend doesn't know about Pavolv's dogs" etc. etc. etc.

Gary Kelly said...

Now doesn't really exist ya know. Study the sweep hand of a clock or wrist watch. By the time it says now it's gone. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

"It helps me to know from others that I am not a mess and that i am doing a pretty good job with life. . . good enough at least I am not totally messed up."

So, Jus, you feel a bit like a duck?
All serene on the surface but paddling like hell underneath?

Nothing unusual about that.
I reckon the only ones that have the same thing happening both sides the water have the bigger problem.

You think things through and seem to (to me at least) be reaching the right sort of conclusions and have high regard for others, this is not a bad thing. But don't analyse things to death....but I'm sure you've considered that and do live in the moment and can be impuslive when appropriate. Spontaneity is essential if you are not to be a wet blanket....and you are far from that, I am sure.

Hmmm...Not sure how this will come out..as you say, you need facial and hand waving expressions to communicate the best...at least I do.

Again, there are so many things I would like to say....but this aint the place.

Keep paddling mate, from my angle you're doin well.
All the Best,
Greg in Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Can I send you a message that will not be posted please? I just wanna say thanks, and a few other things, nothing creepy.

Greg in Adelaide

JustinO'Shea said...

YES, of course. If you want to send me a message which will not be published, is private, just put DO NOT PUBLISH in subject line. . .or anywhere.

I always read posts before I press the magic button. hahahaa


Coop said...

I don't think everyone in the Ivy leagues is snobbish. My earlier comment may be taken that way.

Just saw the latest secenry from Sydney on Shannon's blog.
Ooof... he has no idea how good that looks to us New England dudes right now.