Sunday, October 11, 2009


Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. In the clip below, an Australian boy named Jack lets his mother tell his coming out story. Sweet stuff.

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Coop said...

Yup. Reject stereotypes... accept people.

Shannon said...

Great post Justin. I love the "sex is great to cure a hang over" bit. Nice to hear another Aussie accent too.

Coming out is very personal and hopefully people will see these videos and whatever their decision might be, hopefully they will find it a little easier.

well done babe.

Gary Kelly said...

I suppose I should give this coming out business a bit of serious thought. But what'll I do if somebody hits on me? :-P

Gary Kelly said...

10 outta 10 for Jack and his mom. What a refreshing pair they are.

Coop said...

Me again... I know that what the sign says is Important but man... would I love to have the cute thing that's holding it ;-)