Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Kelly Nose

Gary sent a comment and a queery. .hehe. . about noses. I was slow in replying. . .so I repost it here, curious about his reply. ;-) justin

Gary Kelly said...

Since you're a budding shrink, Justino, maybe you can explain why I have a thing about noses. I've always been a sucker for a certain kind of nose (metaphorically speaking). If it happens to be a particular shape, that's it... I become hopelessly infatuated.

Have you heard of a nose fetish before?

JustinO'Shea said...

GARY. . . hmmm. . .noses, eh?

Well, it has been said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". . .and "Each one has his taste. ."

No, I have not seen or heard before anything about attraction to noses. But what would that be any different from attraction to other body parts?
He is "a leg man" . .he really likes "bubble butts" or blond hair and blue eyes. Personally I think green eyes are totally enticing. Or wide circles around the nipple. hehe [Is that circle called an aurora? Can't recall. . ]

Now you have me curious. Gary, what does that special nose look like? hmmmmm? Any pics of The Kelly Nose? Show us, please. . .


J said...

I'll bet a long proboscis, hooked at the end, with the strength and flexibility of an elephant trunk, would tickle Gary's fancy.

Gary Kelly said...

No one has asked me to describe my fav type of nose before. But I do remember taking a liking to a boy's nose at school, and trying to explain it to a friend who thought I was nuts.

Shannon's nose comes pretty close. It's like a slippery dip, curving inwards to a neat little bulb at the end, with rounded nostrils.

When I see a cute nose, I have an almost overpowering desire to place a finger on it and give it a little squish. I used to do that to my dog. She had a cute nose - it was brown cos she was a daschund.

Alpacas have cute noses. Did you know that?

I read somewhere that most Europeans have narrow noses with longish nostrils to warm the air they breathe in colder climates, whereas darker people from warm or tropical climates have broad nostrils to cool the air. Hehe.

Somehow, I'm not sure it's a good thing to analyze the reason we like or don't like certain body parts because it starts to sound a little WEIRD.

Greg said...

I just got a thing for golden furry butts and tops of Justin has(?)

J said...

Gary, have you noticed that Shannon bears a certain resembance to the American actor Brad Pitt? Maybe its the nose.

JustinO'Shea said...

ho ho ho. . .I thought so, Gary!!! I had a bet with myself that the BOH NOSE would be your nemesis. . . hehehe Not surprised by your saying so. . . Good choice.

Now I shall have to go and inspect the BOH nose. . .Shannon, , here,,,turn this way. . hmm. lemme see. . .uhuh. . .ok. ummmm