Monday, October 19, 2009


Stephen Gostkowski added to the lead with this 33-yard field goal kick at the end of the first quarter.
Stephen Gostkowski added to the lead with this 33-yard field goal kick at the end of the first quarter.
Yesterday in the NFL the New England Patriots defeated the Tennessee Titans
59 - 0. . in a blizzard !!! It was incredible on October 18 at Foxboro, Massachusetts! This photo was c. 6pm last evening.

It made for very interesting driving to say the least. Mme Bouvier and I did not
make the trek back to UNI last evening. So we had another evening at home, and then headed out in bright sunshine early this morning. Easy driving. "That touch of Winter" had passed us by.

The decision to make the ROAD TRIP was a good idea. It was a nice break, and, as Stew said, "being away, at home, makes for a clearer head. . .". . .I guess. . LOL

And, NO, COOP, I did not finish my report. I have an easy day today -- thanks the angels or whoever wants the claim. . lol -- so I shall find some time to get it done.

Also, I want to write about Gary's comments on the video OurLove is Better!. . isn't it? Gary made a point which intrigued me from the psychological view and I'd like to open this up for your comments and ideas. I shall do this later. . .and. .
that is a threat. . .hahahahaaa

is very well and sends his greetings. . . he is

There, that's it for now. . . . .ciao ciao. . .


Coop said...

Hey there Babe

That was a GREAT game. True. I have banished myself from Pats games. Why? Because the first game I watched was the second game of the season... which the Pats lost. It's for the good of the team. Us New Englanders are a superstitious lot.

Nice to hear you aren't up against deadlines. I'm having a manic Monday after a (yawn) Sunday nap.

Pilgrim said...

It sucked! Go Tians!

JustinO'Shea said...

Pelerin. . .where to you want the Titans to go. . ? They can't go any lower. . . 59 - 0, even with a 15 minute overtime to redeem themselves!

Only place to go is back to Tennessee, seems to me. Poor guys.
But, after all, it is only a very expensive game. . .tres cher!

And their owners are gonna give 'em beaucoup de merde! tsk tsk tsk

JustinO'Shea said...

COOP. . .
"Us New Englanders are a superstitious lot."

YOU are? Really? I be NE too and I be not superstitious. . . must be the renegade Irish of the North Shore who inter-married with Franco-Americans who slid down over the border.

Ooopss. .the O'Sheas of the South Shore, Cape and the Islands. . my dad married a lady of French descent. . . ooo la la. . .LOL

Pilgrim said...

They will next time!

JustinO'Shea said...

OOppsss.. e r r o r. . . .

I mixed up games. . there was no 15 minutes overtime in the 59-0 slaughter. . it was another game which was shown on CBS game time.

Sorry. . . 'bout that. But it wouldn't have helped the Titans anyhoo. . . sorry. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Gary Kelly said...

Most of us want peace, but we also want our football. I don't get it.