Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Hump Day" Musings. . .

Hello ALL. . . .or some days " O Hell !" hehehe

Been too busy these days with work. . . .intense some days, but I thrive on it. . . just i don't have all the time I'd like for blog and writing to friends. Since I must discipline myself to keep up and ahead of class work, seminars, etc, I cut myself a lot of slack when it comes to blog n stuff. I need to be in the mood to be creative. . . .just as I also think we need to create leisure to love. . . . . Seems to me a lot of peeps are just too busy to live and love. . so they settle in to drab tired living. . . .with just no time for play. . . and lovers, I think, need play time. . .and for that you need to create ample space and time.

Or am I just too idealistic? a dreamer. . . yeah, i admit to being a dreamer. . . you need to have dreams, to follow your dreams. . . .or else succumb to a frustrated life. You think that happens? I look at my parents. . . they've raised three children, done a great job and then have successful careers. . . .Dad is a lawyer with a large Boston firm. Mom is a professor of literature at a smallish community college. She chose this so as to have time to live. . . she found the race at a large East coast university too demanding, limiting the time she wanted to be a lover and spouse, mother to her children. She wanted and made space for time to follow and nourish her dreams so as to have much to offer in life, without ever being drained and empty.

They are best friends, lovers, a couple very alive.

I remind myself often of a line I've heard like forever. . . it seems. It's from the biblical book of Esdras, Hebrew Scriptures. "The vision has its place. . . .Where there is no vision the people perish." To me it says we make time for our dreams, for those things closest to our hearts. . . or else we perish." Another way to say it mightbe. . . .we become "dead men walking".

There. . .I step down from the bema. . . .LOL

ciao ciao. . .



Coop said...

I figged you were busy... though I usually check in each day to see if there's new material.
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy life to blog :).

WE SHOULD take time out for fun. It's good for personal well being & it helps one to actually THINK/ gain a different perspective. After a sleepless Sunday night because Coop's brain would rather construct the weekly to do list & grasp at shreds of information shared long ago about fake terra cotta warriors from China, I indulged in some R&R.... took a loooong walk off the train, through the West End, Beacon Hill, down Beacon Street and lunched @ Chipotle in Kenmore. Then back. I could enjoy the weather, forget my cares, find out exactly where a potential employer is located in the wilds of residential Back Bay and be out amongst the world. I DID edit my 5am Monday comment later in the afternoon.

IF nothing has to get done right away, why do I take Carpe Diem wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too far at the beginning of a week??

Structure is key, though. I'm glad you understand that cause I learn the hard way. Yes, present tense. You'd be surprised at how often I FORGET LOL! Cramming as much as possible into one day is all great until the metaphorical parachute opens and one starts to drag.

WEIRD weather today, huh?

Ciao Babe.

Gary Kelly said...

"He's quite intelligent, Mrs Kelly, but he daydreams all the time." Hehe. So said my teacher to my mom when I was a little tyke.

I believe in dreams. The Wright Brothers had a dream. Carl Benz had a dream. Martin Luther King had a dream. Walt Disney had a dream. All those skyscrapers in cities started out as dreams.

If we believe in our dreams strongly enough, we will do whatever it takes to make them come true.

Without dreams, life would be intolerable.

Shannon said...

Justin you are absolutely right.

I used to tell J that we only have time if we make time... sadly he never quite got it. So many people get stuck in that rut. All it takes is a choice but sometimes that is the greatest obstacle.

Making time for yourself is an important part of loving yourself. We all need to take time to tend to our own needs from time to time.

Coop said...

"Without dreams, life would be intolerable."

Well said, Gary.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Mates. . . I like reading your comments. . . makes me feel I am not alone. . .

And quite important to me, I get little insights or clues into the mystery of each of you. I LIKE what i am seeng. . .:-))

Coop said...

I'm surprised. I thought you were one of those people that didn't do coffee. I take my caffeine in the form of coffee or Diet Pepsi-- cherry. I'm addicted to caffeine. I disagree with you on breakfast food though. If I have only breads or sugars I'm ravenous at 10:30. Breakfast is an egg sandwich or an omelet or a a skip altogether for an early lunch.

I know you read everything & that you're extremely busy with your life in grad school. I hope I do not pressure you for your presence online. Enjoy the time with Peter... he seems to be head o'er heels in love with you.

Thanks for the uplifting comment in 'hump day musings'

*yawn*... Coop needs to retire for the night.