Saturday, October 17, 2009


YES. . I am home on the Cape. And, as I had thought. . and hoped, Gramm was quite willing for "Road Trip". Always good company. In spite of her years, Mme Bouvier is spry and active. . . .and fun!

And YES, Peter and I connected. . . . . This morning was his day for eary start at the Bakery. . . yaaaawwwnnn. . . but not tomorrow morning. I won't be heading back to UNI till later afternoon.

Have a great day everyone. So something FUN. . .something different! ;-)


J said...

Lucky you!

Stew said...

And tan all over.

Nothing beats the comforts of home. It's good to clear your mind.

Gary Kelly said...

I'm no buns expert, but if I were, and had the time and inclination to inspect a pair of tight and tanned specimens such as those in the photo, I would probably give them a score of 20.

10 each.


Coop said...

Somehow I KNEW you'd go back to P-town. Did you get your report done?

That's a great ass...