Tuesday, October 13, 2009



More glorious color from the maples along our street. . .you cannot see Gramm's home in this photo. . .it's further down the street.

The weekend was great. . .it was so good to be with Peter again. . .has been a couple of weeks or maybe three since our last time together. It was a low-keyed time, spent mostly at home.

Saturday evening Mme Bouvier was conveniently "out for the evening". . .off in the setting sun, along the colorful trees in her flaming red VW. She and Peter hit it off the first time he was here, right from the start. I was upstaiurs in my room when he arrived shortly after noon. I looked out the window and there she was greeting Peter with a big hug and kiss on both cheeks. . .la femme francaise. . hehe

When we started preps for supper we discovered several fluted glasses of chocolate mouse with a bowl of raspberry-flavored whipped cream. yummmmies.
You've heard the quip "life is short: eat dessert first!" ? So we did consume one of the glasses of mouse, each with a spoon to feed the other. . .lots of whipped cream.
It was good!

Fortified with the mouse, we set out to prepare dinner. . . .baked salmon with a citrus glaze, green beans with garlic bits and almonds, wide noodles, green salad. Since we do not drink alcohol. . . ..boring, aren't we! hahaha. ..NOT. .... we drink sparkling water with lemon twist.

A quiet evening, fun, sweet. After dishes and cleaning up. . .yep, we are both so domesticated. . .lmsao. . . we
took mousse. . and all the raspberry whipped cream.. . .yummmm. with us and spent the evening upstairs. . . .enjoying. . .with a nice fire in the fireplace. Damn, it was all so totally excellent.

I didn't want to be outdone by all the brilliants colors of the trees I decided to add some color of our own. . . .LOL

I borrowed these from Shannon!!!! ho ho ho ho

I couldn't resist. . . .whoever made me do it!!! hehehee

Sunday morning we went Gramm for Mass and then took her off to a country inn for brunch. It was fun and Gramm seemed to enjoy everything so much with her two men! Noice. . .hehe

Back home for the NYTimes and plain old quiet time. Peter headed home a bit before the sun was beginning to set. . .to join the rest of the weekend

Things we just sooooooooo quiet. . . . after he left. I tried to do some homework and read but my head and heart was too full for that. . . .so I went for a walk. . . alone. . .listening to my sounds as I scuffed thru the fallen dried leaves . . . my ears and nose getting a tad chill. . . . . .

All is well. . . .All things are well. . . .All manner of things will be well.


Stew said...

The maple in my yard ( which I planted from seed 6 years ago) agrees with me and refuses to accept autumn. As others are changing color, mine is 90% green.

Enjoy this young love of yours. Keep it fresh and it will last.

JustinO'Shea said...

Thanks, Stew. You are a good role-model with the voice of experience. . .

I guess, then, that is the secret. . keep it ever fresh, don't grow stale and become so "Ho Hum". . .

Well I'd say the O'Shea-DaSilva team. .or is it better. . DaSilva-O'Shea?. . is lively and energetic
enough to keep life fresh and always new.

ciao ciao. .

Gary Kelly said...

Love the colors, and love your story. And ya know something, Justino? The icing on the mousse... er, cake, was this quote from you: "so I went for a walk. . . alone. . .listening to my sounds as I scuffed thru the fallen dried leaves . . . my ears and nose getting a tad chill. . . . . .

Go figure.

JustinO'Shea said...

Yes, Gary. . .this is my description of what I did. . . .so I went for a walk. . . alone. . .listening to my sounds as I scuffed thru the fallen dried leaves . . . my ears and nose getting a tad chill. . . . . .

It isn't a quote from anyone or anywhere. . .just what I did. . to think my thoughts and feel my feelings. . .after a full weekend.


Coop said...

As much as that coming out stuff is worth talking about it can be draining, too.

What a pretty tree.
Sounds like you had a nice weekend. I'm such a voyeur in your life... I was wondering when Mme Bouvier would meet Peter & if they'd get along. Hee Hee.

Gary Kelly said...

What am I gonna do with you, Justino? Your little piece about walking alone after a wonderful time with Peter meant that YOU MISS HIM! You know that thing about parting is such sweet sorry? WELL IT WAS SWEET!

So that's what got to me. It said more about your feelings for Peter in a nutshell than all the stuff about being together for the weekend. Sheesh.

JustinO'Shea said...

I like what you wrote.

Remember I aint done yet. . I am a piece of work in progress. hahahaa


Gary Kelly said...

We are ALL a work in progress, mate, which is why we should never fear change. When the progress stops, so do we.

J said...

Your ending reminds me of these lines from T.S. Eliot:
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall
be well
By the purification of the
In the ground of our