Saturday, August 11, 2012


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Male Couples Face Pressure to Fill Cradles 


Gary Kelly said...

Not even Bob Dylan coulda thunk it back in the '60s when he was singing about the times they are a-changin'.

We're rapidly approaching the day when gay couples and their kids will be as normal as apple pie.

And it will be their critics who will be abnormal.

Richard said...

And they will be cloging up the streets of Provincetown with their baby strollers during the summer. Let them go to Hyannis. :)

JustinO'Shea said...

Richard, the "breeders" with their strollers and carriages have been here for years. . . LOL. . bad for the shins and ankles, esp on Commercial St.

Now the Queers and their strollers are joining them. At Herring Cove Beach. . in that first sections long occupied by the Dikes and their volley ball nets, umbrellas, and private camp grounds, have added their strollers, carts, baby-cages, plus the urchins old enough to roam around inspecting the sprawled out bodies on blankets. . . .
NEWS BREAK: the Queer Spots have integrated. . Gay is ho-hum. . like the rest of the world:: hard to tell 'em apart. . LOL

Maybe we'll go to Hyannis and Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard: Provincetown has become too expensive for Couples and Familes

Coop said...

Gary, our critics are abnormal. One of them, George Rekers went to Europe with a rent-boy. The old guy said that he couldn't carry his luggage, yet he seemed to be doing fine with the baggage cart.

This topic is the ultimate in mother-ish nosiness, tied with "when are you two getting married" Why don't people mind their own business? :b~~~

Richard said...

In another generation gay dad couples and dyke couples will be asking THEIR kids the same question.

Remember, grandchildren are God's reward
for not killing your own children.